A Vintage Jazz Version of Europe’s “The Final Countdown” with Trombonist/Singer Gunhild Carling

Ever wonder what Billie Holiday would make of an ‘80s hair-metal classic? We’ll never know for sure, of course, but Swedish chanteuse Gunhild Carling gives us a pretty good idea with her beguiling take on our vintage jazz remake of Europe’s The Final Countdown!

If that weren’t enough she wields a mean trombone as well — meaning we get her brassy transformation of that iconic synth melody. The countdown begins as soon as you click:

Click Here to download our remake of Europe’s The Final Countdown

Swedish rockers Europe were looking to the future when they released “The Final Countdown” back in 1986, announcing their attention to blast off for Venus and beyond.

As always, PMJ has our sights set firmly on the past, but that doesn’t mean we won’t send you into orbit!



We enlisted the band’s countrywoman, the multi-talented Gunhild Carling, who keeps company with the Swedish royal family — she performed for King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 70th birthday celebration and Ruby Jubilee — when not juggling multiple instruments and singing with Scott and the band.

10… 9… 8… (You can take it from here!)

Want More of Gunhild? Catch more of her in our other covers here:

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remake of Europe’s The Final Countdown

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remake of Europe’s The Final Countdown

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