A Special Halloween Remake of “Thriller” with Special Guest Wayne Brady

It’s close to midnight somewhere!

So wherever – or whenever – you’re celebrating your All Hallows Eve, PMJ is here with the perfect soundtrack.

The trick is the same one that Scott Bradlee pulls week in and week out in PMJ’s regular videos: dressing up a modern hit in a shocking throwback costume.

The treat is a very special guest for this Halloween party – Wayne Brady, proving that he can not only do anything, but do it in any era as well.

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Calloway himself got turned into a ghost way back in a 1930s “Betty Boop” cartoon, so our new version of “Thriller” follows in an eerie tradition.

Brady summons the spirit of the “Minnie the Moocher” crooner like a man possessed, while PMJ puts on a vintage masquerade like only they know how.

It was an honor to have Wayne Brady join PMJ. He’s a modern day renaissance man, and although he’s known mostly for his success on television, he’s also a Grammy-nominated vocalist with tremendous ability and musicianship. We just turned the camera on and he gave this incredible performance, all live and in one take. 

So as darkness falls across the land this Halloween night, let Wayne Brady and PMJ terrorize y’all’s neighborhood – if you dare!