A Tina Turner / “Proud Mary” Style Remake of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now,” ft. Melinda Doolittle

The amazing Melinda Doolittle (from American Idol and our “Toxic” cover) is back with us for a special PMJ tribute to a classic song by Queen.  Here’s “Don’t Stop Me Now,” as if it was recorded by Tina Turner, “Proud Mary” style:

Click here to download the song on iTunes.

It goes without saying that Melinda is a one-in-a-million vocal talent.  I’ve been a fan of her remarkably rich voice for years, so it is always exciting for me to have her on a PMJ video.  Our version of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” takes inspiration from “Proud Mary” and other horn-driven classics from the Soul Era, and Rayvon Owen and Briana Lee complemented Melinda’s voice with their own soulful tones.

And yes, I’m aware that I accidentally cropped most of myself out of the video.  I didn’t have a camera person that day, and clearly I shouldn’t be trusted with such things…


Melinda joined the cast on #PMJtour the other night in Nashville and brought down the house!  This photo is literally JAM PACKED with talent.  If you’d like to experience Postmodern Jukebox live (the way it was intended!), you can find our complete list of tour dates and get tix by clicking here.

Happy #PMJday!



  • Jared Louis Ganbarg

    That key change was EPIC!

  • Seona Elizabeth Coster

    Freddie would be proud. Beautiful version.

  • frood

    Anyone else out there get turned onto PMJ by this song, a little over two years ago?

  • Pryor

    Uhhh…pretty sure that link for Briana Lee goes to a different person than the one in this (great) video.

  • Wallace Nix

    Don’t stop me now with Melinda Doolittle is another masterpiece created by Scott Bradley

  • Wallace Nix

    Also the show in Atlanta at the fox theater on Oct, 15 2016 was the second greatest night of my life when Areana Savalis pulled me up on stage and proceeded to dance for me ( I think I was In a state of shock )( That Is In A good way ) then back stage at the meet and greet I was able to meet and talk to all the performers including my Buddie Casey Abrams ( hands down the most talented person man or woman that ever preformed on American Idol ) needless to say the second greatest night of my life, so thank you Scott Bradley from the bottom of my heart,
    Wallace Nix

  • Wallace Nix

    Scott Bradley for my money is a musical genius ….
    and PMJ is a gift from God…