New PMJ Video Debut! Watch 21 Year Old Brielle Von Hugel Stun In New Orleans Style Remake of “Same Old Love”

We’ve got a PMJ debut today, and wow- this one is impressive!  Meet Brielle Von Hugel – a 21 year old singer / songwriter from Staten Island, NY with an incredibly strong, bluesy voice.  Watch her transform Selena Gomez’ “Same Old Love” into an entirely new song in this Postmodern Jukebox New Orleans- Dirge- Style remake:


Download / Order “Same Old Love” from our ‘Swing The Vote’ album:


It should be no surprise that Brielle comes from a musical family; her dad sang doo wop with The Duprees.  Like many singers her age, Brielle spent a lot of time practicing Christina Aguilera riffs as a kid, but unlike her peers, she was also heavily influenced by the greats from earlier eras – Etta James in particular.  Her debut performance of “Same Old Love” shows that she has a rare gift as a vocalist to combine old and new and still connect with an audience.




For more of Brielle, visit her YouTube channel here.

  • Jessica

    Yes! I requested this on the Fan Forum page when you first created the suggestion thread. I’m so glad it’s finally made. I haven’t listened to it yet but I know it’s going to be great. Also, I can’t seem to navigate where the fan forum page is anymore. It’s not in the menu. Any help?

  • Carly DeFilippo

    You guys should check out singer/songwriter Valerie Broussard! Her sultry voice would be great on one of your remakes:

  • Jason Schechter

    For a good time…for a good time call…Oh wait nevermind…No phone in this video 😛

  • Jayson Stewart

    Incredible. Simply incredible.

  • Jeff Bilkanich

    Where does PMJ find sooo many talented singers?