14 Year Old Caroline Baran Sings “Time After Time”

Working with the ever expanding Postmodern Jukebox community means that sometimes, you stumble across some really phenomenal talent.

During our recent #PMJsearch contest, we asked aspiring vocalists to send us their performances set to PMJ karaoke tracks.   We received a lot of really great videos by amazing vocalists, but one video in particular left us speechless – a 14 year old girl from Chicago named Caroline Baran with an extraordinary gift, covering our remake of Radiohead’s “Creep.” We were so amazed that we flew her and her family to LA so that she could record a PMJ video with us. Here’s her one-take performance of Cyndi Lauper’s hit, “Time After Time:”


Download / Order “Time After Time” from our ‘Swing The Vote’ album:


I was shocked to learn that Caroline was only 14; she actually had to miss an English quiz at school to come make this video with us. We even helped her provide an excuse to her teacher, in case she wasn’t familiar with PMJ.  Stay in school, kids:)

Caroline isn’t just talented for her age; she’s phenomenal by any standard.  Her pitch, vocal control, and range was that of a professional that had been singing for decades.  Most strikingly, she knew how to craft a vocal performance that told a story and revealed itself over time.   I picked the classic Cyndi Lauper ballad “Time After Time” to show off this ability, and she exceeded expectations.  It’s one of the highlights of the new PMJ album, and surely just the beginning of a long career in music.



To hear more of Caroline, visit her YouTube channel.




  • Terry Hefley

    The pipes on that girl are “wow”

  • alanmonasch

    That arrangement of “Time After Time” is an award-winner of major proportion, Scott, and the execution is incredible! You”re right that there is no need to factor in Carolyn Baran’s age; her reading of the song and the arrangement is remarkable! You do matchlessly good work with these videos and these songs, Scott, and I am in awe and so soul-satisfied!

  • kcatthedog

    oh ya; really musical and tasteful !!

  • Rafael F Otero

    Awesome interpretation!

  • GCW iasco

    Beautiful Voice… Incredible… Must be something in the Chicago water because I seem to recall another Chi-girl with a world class voice hooking up with PMJ for a few videos over the last year or so???… Can’t recall her name, but she wasn’t bad either….
    (Thank god A.I. disappeared before they could get their fangs in Ms Baran)

  • Tenaj

    Absolutely jaw dropping annnnnnnnnnd only 14! She could definitely give Cyndi Lauper a run for her $$$

  • EzkizophreniK

    wow, that voice!

  • Eric Fisher

    What would have been even greater? Going from this “Time after Time” to the old standard “Time after Time”. Does anyone else remember Sammie Davis Jr. singing the older one on the Arsenio Hall Show? And Starr Parodi (Arsenio’s keyboardist) playing the intro to the newer one by mistake?

  • if she’s 14 i’m 16

  • Jack Kwok

    So what happened to Blurred Lines by PMJ on Spotify?

  • marge201

    Wow, the voice and the poise of this 14-year-old girl are amazing!

  • Czarnokierznik Polesław

    She’s Polish! Oh yeah! 😀

  • picnicfun

    She’s 14???