A 1960’s Style Remake of “Grenade” by Bruno Mars, featuring Brielle

Brielle – the young singer with the powerhouse voice in our “Same Old Love” cover – is back with another stellar performance, this time in a ’60s pop style remake of Bruno Mars’ 2010 hit, “Grenade.”  Check it out here:


Download / Order “Grenade” from our ‘Swing The Vote’ album:


Bruno Mars’ retro musical influences are well-documented – the album that “Grenade” appeared on is even titled, “Doo Wops and Hooligans” – so it wasn’t much of a stretch to convert a song like this to a vintage style.  Brielle and backup vocalists Matt Bloyd and Kenton Chen bring a great sense of retro swagger to the lyrics, alternating between sweet harmonizing and powerful belting.  The rhythm section, including guitarist Todd McCool (from our “Bye Bye Bye” cover) provided a solid foundation that incorporated elements of early R&B / soul and ’60s era surf rock.



As coincidence would have it, Brielle is celebrating her 22nd birthday today – be sure to visit her page and wish her a happy birthday! She also just performed onstage with PMJ for the first time this past Sunday at Florida’s Sunfest music festival.  Not only was she was a huge hit with the crowd, she also nailed the PMJ arrangements of “Bad Romance,” “All About That Bass,” and other songs with the Sunfest cast, which included Aubrey Logan, Maiya Sykes, and our Grammy Award winning Tambourine Guy, Tim Kubart.  It’s been a busy week for her.




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  • Skeet313

    Any uk dates?

  • mwm341

    (more) suggestions for covers. One or two might be difficult or just plain silly.

    Kinks: “Nervous Tension” (Acapella. Fugue in parts, Jazz in parts? It’s been in my head all day — but I go back on the meds in the morning)

    Kinks: “You Really Got Me” (Maybe Motown style? Or even Glenn Miller? Andrews Sisters?)

    Blood, Sweat and Tears: “When I Die”
    Mathilde Santing: “I’m Not Mending Broken Hearts” (You may have to look for this. Might be tailor-made for Ariana)

  • Dave Killary

    Scott, is there any chance you could do a remake of A Charlie Brown Christmas?
    Cassie – Charlie Brown
    Aryn – Lucy
    Tambourine Guy – Snoopy
    Haley – naturally curly hair girl
    Adam – Pigpen
    I think you get the idea.
    I’ll never see CBC the same again 🙂