2017 European Tour Announcement!!

Hey all,

Our most recent European tour was such a success that we are proud and excited to announce that we are returning in 2017!  Our presale begins tomorrow, July 6th at 9am BST – sign up on our mailing list on the right to receive the password to purchase tix tomorrow!  ——–>


2017 Postmodern Jukebox Europe Tour Dates

27-Feb – Bournemouth, UK

28-Feb – Cambridge, UK

1-Mar – Brighton, UK

3-Mar – Manchester, UK

5-Mar – Belfast, UK

6-Mar – Dublin, Ireland

9-Mar – Newcastle, UK

10-Mar – Sheffield, UK

11-Mar – Edinburgh, UK

12-Mar – Liverpool, UK

14-Mar – Leeds, UK

15-Mar – Glasgow, UK

17-Mar – Birmingham, UK

18-Mar – Plymouth, UK

20-Mar – Bristol, UK

21-Mar – Bristol, UK

23-Mar – London, UK

27-Mar – Paris, France

29-Mar – Antwerp, Belgium

30-Mar – Amsterdam, Holland

31-Mar – Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

1-Apr – Marseille, France

2-Apr – Toulouse, France

4-Apr – Brussells, Belgium

5-Apr – Frankfurt, Germany

6-Apr – Strasbourg, France

7 – Apr – Cologne, Germany

8-Apr – Zurich, Switzerland

9-Apr – Geneva, Switzerland

10-Apr – Nuremberg, Germany

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  • Bruno

    Feels more like the UK tour, 16 concerts in UK, leaving southern europe out… FeelsBadMan 🙁 … maybe next year

  • Emmelina

    I’ve seen PMJ twice this year in two different countries, yes it was fab both times but both times the main ingredient that I wanted to see was missing. I want to book dates when I can be sure I’ll catch the Scott Bradlee part of ’Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox’ in action next time around. How about an asterisk next to the dates when he’ll be there?

    • Mariana Martínez Medina


  • João Donga

    What about Portugal ? And this time you should come to Porto also

    • evm

      I know… Bands tend to forget Portugal….

      • evm

        And you can always come either to Brussels or Antwerp!

    • Ana Cláudia Pinto Jorge

      Fully agree!

  • Марина М.

    come in Bulgaria we want to see ya again <3

  • Jose Manuel Silva

    Last tour In Lisbon Adam promiss that you would come to Porto, but it seems you are only going to the rich countries, very sad, it sucks

  • That’s mostly UK.
    And they are not even Europe anymore

    • Aidy Bates

      They have voted out of the EU not changed world geography!!!…..

  • Paulo Morgado

    What? No Portugal? After a Sold Out house months in advance this year I was actually expecting a return in a BIGGER venue!!! SO disappointed! 🙁

  • Master Troll

    Sorry guys, but the list is incomplete: you forgot to include Portugal!!!

  • Andrei Ovidiu

    What about Romania? You did say you are coming back

    • Marius Turbatu

      Yup, I second that! Missed you this year :(.

  • Theodora A.

    What about Bulgaria? 🙁 I couldn’t go to see you this year

  • Aidy Bates

    I live in Spain and saw you in Barcelona, I loved the show and sad not to see any dates in Spain!!!!…… 🙁

  • Hieronymus

    Very disappointed.
    No date in Vienna or any East European countries.

  • Daniel Cepeda González

    Madrid, Spain?

  • daniela de oliveira

    what about Madrid?

  • Olivia Nawrot

    Less concerts in UK, more in other places.. Europe is not only 8 countries… This year’s concert in Cracov was gorgeous…I had hope, you will come back in 2017… so disappointed 🙁

  • Håkan Nordin

    What about Stavanger? Don’t forget us!

  • Sharon McCusker

    Back in Belfast in March, woohoo! Booked already and looking forward to another great night.

  • Jan Kámen Bříza

    No Czech Republic this time? Awwww 🙁

  • Giovanni Gatto

    Budapest also loves you. <3

  • Uri Krentsis

    Hey PMJ, you are amazingly talented and I would like to invite you to visit Israel, we love you!

  • Jack Voogt

    Which theater in Amsterdam Netherlands ? Want to buy tickets and here in Amsterdam they’re always sold out within minutes, so …..

  • Aleksander Ciesiołkiewicz

    No Poland? Seriously?

  • Dennis Ortel

    who of the artists will be present in Berlin?

  • Tiago Martins

    ohhh cmon…i could not buy a ticket for your show in Portugal :'( please… Put portugal on the List :D!!!!!!!

  • Daniella Eck Dreier

    Nooo why not Denmark?? Not even ONE concert in Scandinavia 🙁

  • Melanie

    The Paris concert was so good. But you really need to reconsider the opening act. A bit pathetic and no match for your talents.

  • Natasha Kuzmanovic

    So, where is more dates!? Porto??