A ’40s Big Band Remake of “Santeria” by Sublime, Featuring Natalie Angst

Natalie Angst – the young singer from our Glenn Miller-style remake of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”– returns this week for a ’40s Big Band – meets – Disney take on Sublime’s 1996 hit,”Santeria”  Watch here:

Click here to download the song on iTunes.

Natalie’s beautiful phrasing, clear diction, and rich vocal tone gives a completely different sound to this catchy tune from my high school days.  To further contrast the original, I added some bright Disney-eque horns, played by some of PMJ’s best session players.   The result?  A Sublime classic as it would have sounded in an Old Hollywood-era film.


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Happy #PMJday!



  • Danielle

    I’m not going to lie, I smiled all the way through this and as we got to each violent thing I had to wonder, “will she?” And she did!

  • Bob Scott

    Great song, great presentation. That said I can’t help but see/hear a junior Sara and Haley.

  • Marcos Filipe Vieira

    Amazing voice and music, i already incorporated this song on my life’s playlist =D