A ’50s Remake of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” ft. Von Smith

Last week, we took a Bon Jovi hit to a 1940s nightclub.  This week, we’re taking a Bruce Springsteen classic back to a ’50s diner.  You might say it’s a celebration of New Jersey in the PMJ universe this month…watch Von Smith (and a few special guests!) in this Sam Cooke-styled remake of “Dancing in the Dark”:


Download / Order “Dancing In The Dark” from our ‘Squad Goals’ album:

Von Smith first made his PMJ debut on our ’50s remake of “Rude,”  and his voice and style is a perfect compliment to that classic era that introduced great vocalists like Cooke, Jackie Wilson, and Elvis to America.  Our retro version of this hit by one of America’s great songwriters featured flawless vocals by Von, a surprise cameo by Grammy Award Winning Tambourine Guy Tim Kubart, and dancers choreographed by Natalie Rose White – all set in an appropriately-decked out ’50 era diner.


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  • Nick Taber

    Stunning, absolutely stunning. Thank you for another wonderful wake up tune PMJ. I cannot wait for September 28th in Providence

  • marge201

    Oh, what a joy!! It’s wonderful, Scott!!! KUDOS!!!

  • David Kaminsky

    Dear Mr. Bradley. I would very much love to see you do a Frank Sinatra style late 40’s-50’s take on Jimmy Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” with the horn section a-blaring. Now that would make my Thursday. Counting the Days till NYC this fall. Have an awesome summer, my friend.

  • Acheet Mapanz

    Great job guys!

  • Not gonna lie, i smiled when Tambourine Guy showed up

  • Liesel Aretz

    Tambourine guy!!!!!! Awesome!!!! ❤

  • Robyn

    Your covers are always so much fun (even the downtempo ones) and this one is no exception. Well done!

  • Joy Lynette Stahl

    You should re-film the other 50’s covers in the diner!

  • Kathy Martinez

    Would love to hear Hailey Reinhart do more.. She has such an amazing voice..

  • Roy Shuler

    This was a magnificent rendition of a Springsteen classic. However, it was closer to Jackie Wilson’s than Sam Cooke’s style. Check out a classic Jackie Wilson performance to note the vocal influence.


  • Tim Biggs

    Aaaarrrggghhhh! We fly out to New Orleans the night you play in Auckland!! Reschedule pleeeeeaaassseee!

  • Todd Smith

    Nope. This is a sad, emotional song. This is how you do it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGrW8R_TWV4