A ’50s Rhythm & Blues Remake of “Cry Me A River,” featuring Von Smith

The incredible Von Smith returns this week with a tour de force performance of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River,” remade into a bluesy, haunting 1950s blues ballad.  Watch:


Download / Order “Cry Me A River” from our ‘Swing The Vote’ album:

Much has been written about Von’s huge vocal range effortless high notes, but this video also showcases Von’s charisma as a performer.  He tells a story with his voice, imbuing the lyrics with dramatic tension, similar to that found in the classic Screaming’ Jay Hawkins record of “I Put A Spell On You” – which my arrangement quotes at the beginning.vonbw1

In addition to maintaining a heavy tour schedule- both with PMJ and other projects – Von is set to release his second EP this Summer – watch the teaser here.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 5.32.46 AM


Happy #PMJday!



P.S. In case you aren’t familiar with the original version of this song, you can watch it here:

  • anonymouse

    AMAZING! Took the song to the next level. Congrats Von!

  • Leticia

    I came here to ask why he sang “Cry me a river” so high, since it made it sound like a tantrum. But hearing the original song I get it. I had the Julie London version on my mind all along, that one is a drama, this has the emotional depth of a five year old. And with the original arrangement and watching the music video – a boy breaking up his parents house – with the subtext of “bros before hos” it became crystal clear. I am so much better at reading images than music – my fault – and how do you guys take something so… I am not even going to try to find an adjective here … and turn into this amazing sound that gets me confused with Julie London, is beyond me.

    • Rey Finkle

      It’s funny, when Justin Timberlake was on SNL, they made fun of him – actually he makes fun of himself – in a sketch for how high he sings the song. So you’re definitely not the first person to make that criticism.

  • Экономист

    Круто! “Оркестр” похож на Ленинград))

  • Doodoo Meister

    For a remake I would to see Joey Cook sing Mad World, please