New Video! A Very Special Tribute to “Heroes,” featuring Nicole Atkins

I received a number of requests to do a Postmodern Jukebox cover by the late David Bowie in these last few weeks, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure how best to honor his incredible legacy.   As fate would have it, a received a phone call from my friend Nicole Atkins, who happened to be traveling to Los Angeles.  Nicole has the kind of voice that expresses pure emotion in every note, and I knew instantly that I had found the voice for this tribute.  As we discussed song choices, we talked about Bowie’s fight with cancer, and how cancer has affected the lives of so many around us.  So, this performance of David Bowie’s “Heroes” is dedicated not only to Bowie, but to all the heroes out there – whether family, friend, or stranger – that have battled cancer.

This week, in honor of #WorldCancerDay, we’re going to be donating our share of sales from this single to the Cancer Research Institute to help find a cure. You can get the song and join us in the fight against cancer by clicking here.


You can Download/Order “Heroes” here and join us in the fight against cancer :


It’s impossible not to be moved when hearing Nicole sing.  She embodies all the raw, emotional power of vocalists like Roy Orbison and Janis Joplin, while bringing forth a nuanced sound that is truly her own.  If you need any further proof that Nicole was born to be on stage, just watch her television debut on David Letterman – one of the best performances in late night television history.  You can learn more about Nicole and hear her most recent album by going here.

Thanks for sharing this special moment with us, and RIP David Bowie 1947-2016.



  • Mark Baley

    Awesome to get another Nicole Atkins video, especially this tribute. Good choice Scott.

  • Gill


  • Darius Tq Colquitt

    This is outstanding… Truly. I have two very close losses & one friend still fighting the good fight… Cancer sucks but if you have the strength to go on, fight. We will defeat this evil… Thank you PMJ…

    Please, Donate to the American Brain Tumor Association.

    Thank you.

  • Casper Helenius

    Will have to postpone listening to this. Barely made it past ‘You will be queen’ before tearing up. On The train. In rush hour. So beautiful.

    • goandrea

      I know what you mean!

  • Elisa Hall Willis

    Beautiful, it gave me goosebumps!!

  • Kikmor Boutte

    Make a Wish foundation, all those kids are heroes.

  • Ed.Garbacik

    Great Job !!

  • luffykun

    Will there be another video for the week?

    • There is one video per week, and it’s released on PMJ Thursday.

      • luffykun

        This release wasn’t early? (Confused because of the time zone.) I was waiting for Cristina’s video. 🙂

  • mediacoach

    Great tribute. I met David Bowie on the first night of the Ziggy Stardust tour in 1972 what I served the band drinks in my grandfathers jazz and blues club in London. He was a charming man, and would have appreciated this wonderful homage. Well done, and good luck with your UK tour.

    • goandrea

      I guess some things you never forget 🙂

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  • Letícia Tatsch

    Scot, it was great to hear your piano clearly for once. You play in the background most of the time and let everyone else shine, I loved to hear your little solo. I was looking elsewhere and thought “Where is this beautiful little sound coming from?” Looked up and it was you. Thanks.

  • Michael Lesley

    Love it!

    Please consider Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, a cost free camp for children with cancer and their families!

  • ginger-kidneyed-doctor

    I agree with the suggestion of share a dream foundation. Have personal experience of what a valuable service they provide…giving good memories in a time when they’re hard to summon!!

  • Jay Clifton

    The perfect charity for you folks to support. Its all about the kids and music. (maybe some rugby as well) its a small charity with a huge heart.

    Keep up the amazing sounds.

  • Mary Quigley

    Love it!

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  • Dharma Galaxy

    Please don’t put this on a compilation I might buy.

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  • knitstuff

    any chance that this will be on the Google Play store, for those of us who don’t use iTunes?

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  • skeanthu

    Phantasmagorical beauty of a song and singerette!

  • Richard McKay

    What a magnificent singer Nicole Atkins is! 🙂