Black Hole Sun – New Postmodern Jukebox Video Ft. Haley Reinhart

And now, Haley Reinhart‘s much anticipated 8th Postmodern Jukebox remake – an orchestral version of the Soundgarden classic, “Black Hole Sun.” Watch and download:

Download / Order “Black Hole Sun” from our ‘Squad Goals’ album:


A lot has happened since Haley went viral with the Postmodern Jukebox remake of “Creep.”  She attracted the attention of Extra Gum and recorded a chart topping version of “Can’t Help Falling In Love.”  She released an EP titled, “Better,” and launched a solo tour for her album that is currently going through the US (get Haley tix here!).  Through it all, though, she’s made time to come make appearances with PMJ at some of our biggest shows throughout the world and lend her incredible voice to our vintage universe.  Her newest video with us is an instant classic and showcases her incredible dynamic range and power as a vocalist.



Haley singing “Creep” live at the Postmodern Jukebox London concert.

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  • Chkos Segovia

    Love this song. Love this cover!

  • Brittany Spry

    please tell me that she is coming to australia!!! I need to see her here

  • Bob Fleener

    This is amazing. Congratulations! Paul Anka, ROCK SWINGS, did a similar rendition. You’re all so talented. Thank you.

    Frank would remind everyone to, “Bring your sunglasses.”

    Well done.

  • Brad Wylie

    that is going to shake up the pmj community like perhaps nothing has before. wow. double wow. Instant classic or what!

  • Shannon Rafuse

    Wow, WOW WOW! Haley is my favorite singer of all time and this could’n’t get any better, she’s the best artist on this planet.

  • LynnMarie1949

    Fantastic song….love her voice

  • SBroggie


  • Jan

    Just love this stuff!!!

  • Donna Benson

    Haley is my favorite by FAR! Tho I prefer to hear her remakes of old songs or ones I know at least.

  • Duke Wagner

    Sure Haley is invited to join PMJ when they bless Milwaukee, dontchaknow?!!

  • kcatthedog

    The incomparable Ms. R!

  • WhatsTheTruth

    Love PMJ. Holy crap on those vocals Haley, especially at the end. I was mesmerized. You really are flying now girl, grateful for your artistry 🙂

  • Cesar Romero

    Great Performance !!! Just Love it !!!

  • Guy

    Can you guys ever do a bad song? So we can have something to compare to…all your songs are AWESOME!

  • PMJ is the greatest musical discovery I’ve made in the last ten or so years, and Haley is a sterling example of why I feel this way. Pure butter, baby 🙂

    • OPUS

      Scooter, hey how’s it going. I love this band. One of the best, if not the best. Have you heard any of the songs the have done with the singer by the name of Puddles? The two of then together will blow your mind.
      Good to see your Avatar, hope all is well with you. Peace

      • Hello Opus. I have heard all of Puddle’s songs on PMJB – I’m a big Pity Party fan:)
        All the artists playing with this group are immensely talented – I can’t believe I’ve never heard of many of them, as I listen to a lot of diverse music.

        • OPUS

          Like wise, I love having a variety of music, as in life it comes in many forms. My brother is a guitarist, and plays many different types of music. But alast he has not made it out of Chicago.
          If you haven’t heard of Davina & The Vagabonds you must check them out. I guarantee you will be in love with them. Especially the spicy little piano player. 😎