“Who Can It Be Now?” Jazz Style ft. Sara Niemietz – Australia Tour Starts Soon!

The always animated Sara Niemetz gave us just what we needed when PMJ covered The Cars a few weeks back, so we decided to reunite on another ‘80s classic in advance of this moth’s Australian tour. No matter how badly you wish to be alone, you’ll be glad you answered the door to Sara’s swinging performance of “Who Can It Be Now?”

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In the early ‘80s, when it seemed to air on MTV about once every ten minutes, Men At Work’s “Who Can It Be Now?” made being a paranoid shut-in sound like infectious fun. Nobody brings a lyric to life quite like singer-songwriter Sara Niemetz, a incredible young talent that has already toured three continents with PMJ. Unlike Men at Work, Sara doesn’t hail from the Land Down Under, but our Australia / NZ tour is fast approaching (tix here). So invite your childhood friends, tip-toe across the floor, and check out this week’s video.  Here they come, those feelings again!

– Shaun