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Cee Lo’s “Forget You,” 1930s Style ft. LaVance Colley

Ever since “Forget You” hit the airwaves, I had wanted to record a vintage remake of the Cee Lo hit.  Now, I’ve finally made it happen – starring the incredible LaVance Colley (from our “Halo” cover), no less.  Watch & enjoy:

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You’ve already heard LaVance’s insane vocal ability on “Halo” and “Focus.”  If you’ve caught him on #PMJtour, you certainly know about his onstage charisma, as well.  This video showcases all that, as well as his sense of humor.  It’s impossible to watch a video featuring LaVance and not get a sense of the joy he brings as a performer – simply a rare talent.


This album contains the most essential tracks for any Postmodern Jukebox fan – all of our big viral hits, plus an assortment of the most notable songs from the many stars in our collective.  If you’re a longtime fan, you may already have many (or all) of these tracks, but this is the perfect CD to gift your friends and family, and get others hooked on what we do!


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