Our Cover of “Heroes” ft. Nicole Atkins, Featured in Heineken Anti-Drunk Driving PSA

We’re pleased to announce that Postmodern Jukebox is the soundtrack to the new Heineken Anti-Drunk Driving PSA, which stars Formula One legend Sir Jackie Stewart.   Watch it below:

Our remake of the late David Bowie’s “Heroes” with superstar vocalist Nicole Atkins was a recording of special significance to us, and we’re excited to see it take on new life in a powerful ad.  The spot uses footage of Sir Jackie – aka “The Flying Scot” – over the years, with some clever editing to bring us to his modern-day cameo appearance in the final frames.

Nicole herself is having a big week, also having her original song, “A Little Crazy” featured in the finale of Showtime’s “Roadies.”  We’re excited to see another member of the PMJ family achieve amazing success!


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  • John Cano

    Please stop this!!! This is the worst piece of s%&t if ever heard.. Such a great song turned into …..CRAP!!!!

  • Ken Martinson

    Sorry, but this rendition is horrible. When the commercial comes on I hit the mute switch. I love this song. I love dozens of the covers of it but giving it the overdone torch song treatment just destroys it. Please, for the love of all things holy, make it stop!

  • gefitz

    Ech. Now when I see a Heineken I just want to jump off a bridge. And I associate Sir Jackie with the rape of one of the best songs ever written.

  • Chris M Zangara

    Absolutely horrendous!! Is this where music is headed these days?? God help us! Why?? Just.. why.