“Just What I Needed” – Sara Niemietz, Kenton Chen, and Tambourine Guy Join Forces In The Cars Cover

Ask me what I need, and the answer will never not be Sara Niemietz singing an ‘80s pop hit in a retro ‘60s fashion. So this week’s video definitely hits the spot – and if you still find yourself needing a little more, check out “Just What I Needed” and 11 other recent remakes on our latest album, “New Gramophone, Who Dis?” Check out the video here:

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Starting out with a bit of Phil Spector clap-and-stomp, singer-songwriter (and PMJ favorite) Sara Niemietz takes The Cars back from slick new wave fashion to the era of tailfins and racing stripes in our latest video, a cover of their MTV-era classic “Just What I Needed.” The golden-voiced Kenton Chen (from “Closer”twice) provides a falsetto assist, while “Tambourine Guy” Tim Kubart photobombs the shoot – and then turns the whole affair into an anarchic dance party that puts the “twisted” into “twisting the night away.”




But for now, we definitely don’t mind you coming here to check out this week’s song – we guarantee it won’t waste your time!

– Shaun