Material Girl – 1920s Madonna Cover ft. Multi-Instrumental Virtuoso Gunhild Carling

Remember Gunhild Carling – the Swedish instrumental virtuoso that rickrolled us on trumpet, trombone, recorder, and bagpipes in her PMJ debut?  She’s back with us for another incredible, high energy performance, filmed on the historic Queen Mary. Watch our 1920s hot jazz flapper – style remake of the Madonna classic, “Material Girl,” and marvel at her talents: Click here to download the song on iTunes. Gunhild’s impressive trombone chops may have already been known to those that have seen her in “Never Gonna Give You Up,” but the fact that she also tap dances in between solos makes this performance particularly impressive.  I arranged this cover – by that way, who knew that “Material Girl” adapts to 1920s hot jazz so easily?? – as a high energy, uptempo showcase for her, and she met the challenge head on.  Once the cameras were rolling, she recorded three perfect takes of the song and then went to sleep in the corner of the set – can’t blame her for that!  Go here to congratulate Gunhild on another great performance! Thanks to The Queen Mary for taking good care of us once again. materialgirlcover Our North American tour is off to an amazing start!  This past Friday, Postmodern Jukebox headlined Radio City Music Hall in our biggest show yet (both audience wise and cast wise).  It was a surreal experience for me stepping out in front of the crowd midway through the show, particularly after visiting my old neighborhood and the apartment that birthed PMJ earlier that day.  It’s been an incredible journey, and I’m fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work with so many talented performers over these last 5 years.  This show was a celebration of how far we’ve come, and how much is possible. screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-6-20-23-pm Get tix to the rest of our tour cities here. Happy #PMJday! –Scott P.s. Our new greatest hits album, “The Essentials,” is available on CD / Vinyl / Download here.

  • Les Hanna Harper

    Loving Scott <3 and Material Girl!
    Thanks for sharing the opening. Made my night
    Les in South Carolina xxx

  • marge201

    How cow, Scott, you keep outdoing yourself!! Amazing!! Gunhild Carling is stupendous. Gotta keep her songs short because there’s only so much lung power with zero break anyone has!

  • SCinMD

    Wonderful performance! Amazing! Hats off to you and Gunhild!!

  • redeye

    how good was that!! 🙂

  • Bertil Persson

    As I didn’t know Gunhild Carling had been recording with PMJ, I heard her on Spotify and I thought, “I must tell PMJ about her.” To my surprise I see that it was already done. Two recordings! I knew she would fit in to your gang. I proud to be a swede when I hear these clips.