“MillIon Reasons,” Doo Wop Style Lady Gaga Cover ft. Aly Ryan

Meet Aly Ryan – a young singer / songwriter from Germany that is quickly building a buzz in her new home of America – in her PMJ video debut: a ’50s doo wop remake of one of Lady Gaga’s newest hits, “Million Reasons.”  Watch:

Click here  To download “Million Reasons” feat. Aly Ryan

“Million Reasons” was originally recorded as a ballad, but the catchy hook is reminiscent of love songs from the doo wop era, so it wasn’t hard to transform this one into something more sock hop-ready. Aly’s natural vocal talent and soulful tone is a great fit for this style, and she gives an outstanding vocal.  Fans of our recent “Sledgehammer” cover might also notice a bit of callback humor in Adanna Duru‘s backup vocal, too.


















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