New Postmodern Jukebox Album AND The Return of Puddles!

The 12th Postmodern Jukebox album, “Fake Blues,” is now on iTunes! Click here to get it.

Here’s the first new video from the album: Puddles Pity Party is back in this dramatic, Orbison-esque remake of the Blink 182 hit, “All The Small Things.”  Watch & enjoy:


This might be my favorite Puddles / PMJ video of all time – check out the original song here to see how we transformed it.  The new PMJ album contains this and other brand new vintage remakes of popular songs both new and old, performed by some truly outstanding vocalists.


  • <3

  • Garrett Engberg

    Beautifully Done!

  • Dwight Robertson

    I like performance art, but put that aside and one must acknowledge, Mike has a great voice

  • Matt Martineau

    Not my fav of his covers…
    .. There’s PLENTY others I love.> As for his voice (previous comment).. yah, he’s gots it!

  • Christian Fisher

    <3 <3

  • outstanding voice