New Series! Postmodern Jukebox: Reboxed – Bad Romance ft. Sara Niemietz & The Sole Sisters

We’re announcing a new series today! Here’s the first video of Postmodern Jukebox: Reboxed – a new series of covers of covers that we’re rolling out beginning on Monday, Feb 22.  In this series debut, Sara Niemietz and the tap dancing Sole Sisters (Sarah Reich and Melinda Sullivan) perform their take on the Postmodern Jukebox 1920s arrangement of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”:


Download / Order “Bad Romance” from our ‘Swing The Vote’ album:

The idea of "covering a cover" actually came from a fan suggestion, and I think it's an awesome way to celebrate some past PMJ videos, while also giving performers the chance to put their own spin on PMJ repertoire, just like many of them do on tour.  Starting Feb 22, "Reboxed" videos will come out every Monday, and the brand new PMJ remakes will continue to come out every Thursday.

In case you missed the original PMJ 1920's remake of "Bad Romance" that featured the amazing Ariana Savalas at the mic, it's here:

(Available on Emoji Antique)

You'll notice that Sarah Reich was in that video, as well; in fact, she made her PMJ debut in that video.  For the Reboxed cover, she created all new choreography and invited her long time friend Melinda Sullivan to join in for twice the tapping.


Sara Niemietz's voice sounded flawless as always, and #PMJtour music director and pianist Todd Schroeder rocked the keys. The band had performed this arrangement quite a bit on our North American tour, so they sounded particularly tight here.  Oh, and you may have noticed we got a snazzy new backdrop, too.


In other news, the new Postmodern Jukebox album comes out next Thursday!  It has 13 tracks - five of them brand new and have never been heard before -  and features more signature artwork by Cesar Rodriguez.

...Oh, and the title?

"PMJ and Chill"



  • marge201

    wow Wow and WOW!!! That was DYNOMITE (with an “o”)!!!

  • Nick Taber

    Simply a superb idea and a great performance

  • Kodipe

    Great remake 🙂 I love Sara voice. Greetings from Poland!

  • Kodipe

    Great remake 🙂 I love Sara’s voice. Greetings from Poland!

  • I love it! This is a GREAT way for us to see the depth of talent in the PMJ family and experience some of the great artists versions of songs from the tour we didn’t get to see in our cities!

  • Flávio Henrique Rocha

    Fabulous! I love PMJ versions boxed ou reboxed!!! Please, come to Brazil!

  • Josef Gill

    You should have Aubrey cover one of Robyn’s 50s themed songs!

  • Gordon W Payne

    Sorry guys, don’t like this idea. I know it happens on tour of necessity, but PMJ is better than rehashing previous works. Still love you all though.

  • yorgasor

    Fantastic! You guys have really improved over the years, so I’m excited to see what you come up with for some of my favorite songs from your early years.

  • Lestan Gregor

    With SO MANY songs out there, I really can’t see any reason to “Cover the covers”. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy them, but new songs would be more appreciated (by myself at least) than remaking past ones. I would still love to hear what you all would do with Saturday Night, by The Misfits.

    • Vq

      New songs will continue to come out regularly at Thursdays just as before. Covers of covers is an EXTRA.

    • Gordon W Payne

      I agree. No need to redo what’s already been done well.

  • Scott Coates

    Suggestion for reboxed: Casey on Basey, New Orleans Jazz style. “Straight UP” Thanks.

  • kcatthedog

    yup top drawer stuff: love how precise the tap is . Max Roach would’ve loved your paradiddles 🙂

  • pnrinky

    I just started lidteng to them so this will be great. Can’t wait!

  • pnrinky

    Just started listening to them and this will be great. Can’t wait!

  • Vq

    Nice idea! Will Haley’s Creep and the second rendition of All About that Bass also get the reboxed label now?

    Waiting forward to hear Robyn’s classics sung by someone else, these are still my favorites. I bet Call me maybe will be sung by Cristina Gatti 😉

  • Derpaderp

    This was great. I enjoyed both versions of Bad Romance. I would love covers of covers of Problem more in the style of the Supremes and also a more Vaudeville style of Bad Blood with a male singer. This one may seem obvious, but Maiya Sykes singing Sweet Child of Mine would be great (and Aubrey or Sara singing anything).

  • Ian Nairn

    The recover is just too similar to the first cover. Normally you do it in a different style, but anyway I think the original cover was done perfectly to fit the song.

  • Andrew Shelton

    Just seen PMJ at the O2 academy, Cowley Road, Oxford. Well worth the wait. A most excellent night of stellar entertainment. Thank you so much.

  • Clayton Moore

    Have Haley sing any song that requires her to belt out long notes and utilize her raspiness like she does on Creep. The arrangement and her voice in that song gives me chills.

  • EEDC

    I probably would have agreed with a lot of people here about preferring new material to the reboxed versions if they weren’t so good. Not only I still love every new-new reinterpretation (I refuse to call them just “covers”), but on top of that the reboxes ussually even improve over the near-perfection of the first time around, so keep them coming!