New Video! 1929 New Orleans Remake of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself,” feat. Sara Niemietz

We took Justin Bieber’s new hit, “Love Yourself,” way back in time to show how it would have sounded in 1920’s New Orleans.  The incredible Sara Niemietz gave us one of the best vocals in PMJ history, and something crazy happened at 2:15.  Watch here:


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Back to the video:  it may be surprising how well this song translated into the New Orleans style.  Where the original song is a bit more somber in tone, this one is triumphant.  It's for anyone that's ever needed to find the strength to move on, and wants to feel good doing it.  Making this arrangement was especially fun for me, since the New Orleans sound is what drew me to jazz in the first place, and Sara's bluesy voice is a perfect fit for the style. With every video, she proves why she's one of the great young vocalists of our times.  It's always a party when Lemar Guillary busts out the sousaphone, too. 



A very special mention goes out to Jacob Scesney - PMJ's resident stuntman / clarinetist - who flawlessly performed the acrobatic work at 2:15.  Somebody please make a .GIF out of that moment!