New Video! ’40s Swing Remake of ‘Hotline Bling’ ft. Cristina Gatti

Here’s the next new video from our album, “PMJ and Chill!”  Cristina Gatti is back, and she’s taking   Drake’s massive hit, “Hotline Bling” back to the ’40s with her honeyed voice (and signature #gattipants).  Here’s our swing-dance ready remake:


Download / Order “Hotline Bling” from our ‘PMJ and Chill’ album:

Since dance factored heavily into the original video, (mostly thanks to what has been called Drake's "grandpa dancing"), choreographer Natalie Rose White and fellow dancer Musetta Rubin envisioned what the 1940's version of "Hotling Bling" dancers would look like - rotary phones and all.


And, in case you haven't seen the original video of this song, Drake's version can be found here:

In other news, our 2016 Europe tour has just began with an appearance at the Dubai Jazz Festival!


Ok, Dubai isn't exactly in Europe, but the rest of the tour is.  Scroll down to get tickets!



  • Brad Wylie

    she’s so lovely. this has such a delicious vibe!

  • Rob McCutcheon

    Last night in Dubai was FANTASTIC!

    • Jaron Lowenstein

      The pictures looked amazing!

  • Jason Schechter

    For a good time…For a good time call…

  • Neil Brittain

    So it’s Scott Bradlee’s PMJ, but no Scott Bradleee??? Old-style music with new-style money-max franchising? Imagine what would have happened if “Frank Sinatra’s Big Band” happened without Frank SInatra. Totally gutted. My wife spent a massive amount (for us) on tickets and travel for London because I’m a fan of Scott. Not exactly false advertising, but still… The Roundhouse will be my last.

    • Jaron Lowenstein

      Hey Neil. Sorry you’re gutted. Truly. Just want to take a minute and share my thoughts on yours. Great artists are not only the product of great vision; they also must possess the confidence to be stubborn in the face of dissension. One person imagined the concept of Postmodern Jukebox and while evolution may be uncomfortable for the rest of us, we have to remember that we had no idea what the hell PMJ was when we first discovered it… and one visionary did.
      And to your point about money-maxing… Who would have the balls to continue to evolve a vision while its enjoying red-hot success? Only an artist. If Scott was interested in money-maxing he’d allow himself to be imprisoned by his success and play it safe. That’s corporate and money-maxing. Brands want their customers comfortable. Artists don’t. I hope for your sake you will allow yourself the opportunity to decide in real-time, at the Roundhouse, if you think Scott may have a vision for Postmodern Jukebox that exceeds yours. Good luck!

      • Neil Brittain

        Thanks Jaron. I hear you, and that has helped me understand what PMJ is/might be in the future. However, my gutted-ness is largely because I was a fan of Scott’s before PMJ surfaced, and as he’s not touring in Europe as himself (yet), the only way for me to see him live would be to see him perform in PMJ, or so my wife and I thought. The fact that the advertising uses his name and photo but doesn’t mention he’s not there feels dishonest at the least. Todd’s a brilliant pianist, I love all the PMJ that are touring, but my wife bought my birthday present on the basis she was getting me to see someone I admire and respect – not some musicians who know him. So it’s just about the fact that I wanted to see Scott play, not “Friends of Scott Bradlee” – which would be a more accurate title. Transparency upfront would have been nice and would have saved me a lot of money and sacrifice. I will of course go and enjoy the concert for the music and for what it is, but unless Scott is going to be transparent and tell people when he is going to be there, I will never again risk several weeks wages on tickets, travel and time off work on the off-chance he’s there. Best wishes.

        • Jaron Lowenstein

          Neil, I think you need to read what I wrote again in my previous post. You’re still wanting an artist to be static so that it’s comfortable for you. And I get that. I’m the same way. BUT having also been a fans of Scott’s before PMJ surfaced and having followed him pretty much daily since, I can tell you that your expectation of what Scott’s PMJ was, is, and will be, is incorrect.
          And there is nothing wrong with that. It’s your lens and nobody should tell you how to look at something or what to take away from it, but if you’re feeling upset about being duped from a lack of transparency and wish to challenge a concept that is understood and appreciated by millions of people around the world, I think you owe it to yourself to spend a little more time exploring the PMJ universe.
          Scott has some blogs on this website that do a pretty great job of catching newcomers up (obviously not you) but I personally think nothing explains it better than watching the videos and experiencing the ever-growing cast of nearly 40 performers (some Scott’s friends as you say, but most just amazing and deserving talent he invites to join) who have been bringing Scott’s arrangements to life for years now [check out all the videos on the PMJ YouTube page].
          Between the blog posts and the videos you should find the transparency you seek.
          You won’t feel duped if all 40 performers don’t show up will you? I don’t feel duped when I go to Disneyland and don’t see Walt… and I don’t feel duped when I go to Disney World and discover that Mickey Mouse lives there too. I also don’t feel duped when I go see the Glenn Miller Orchestra and don’t see Glenn.
          Scott is the visionary, creator, mastermind, and arranger of the PMJ universe. He’s not the Sinatra of the group. PMJ doesn’t have a lead singer/frontman. It has one “back-man” if you will and features a variety of spectacular talent as “front-men/women.”
          It’s your world too and your opinion is just as important as anybody else’s (I sincerely mean that); and should you decide that this ride isn’t for you anymore, consider the option of getting off the train before you ask the conductor to slow it down for the rest of us. Have a great weekend Neil and thanks for sharing your views and allowing me to share mine as well.

          • Neil Brittain

            Thanks, You have a great weekend too.

          • Jason Schechter

            I think it’s funny Jaron that you put in that bit about the Glenn Miller Orchestra since I was thinking of responding to Neil using that exact example. Everyone is going to have their favorite performers with the PMJ, but they should understand that the purpose of this group of musicians is to present the MUSIC and VISION of Scott Bradlee. It’s not like Scott is being lazy. He can only do so much at a time without being spread thin. He puts out more music than just about any artist on YouTube with at least one new video every week. I really look forward to these videos and would rather have him put out those instead of having to wait months at a time because he’s too busy touring. Of course if you’re lucky to be at a show he makes a ‘special appearance’ all the better.

            I would have loved to see Von Smith as well as Scott when I saw them a few months back, but still had an amazing time since he’s hand picked very talented and entertaining people who put on a tremendous show, Afterwards, all I kept thinking about is who’ll join the cast next time they come around which unfortunately won’t be until at least the Summer since they’re on the other side of the world which is why the selfish part of me hopes he puts together another touring group so I don’t have to wait so long.

          • Neil Brittain

            I do accept the idea but let’s be realistic on those analogies – Frank and Glenn aren’t going to be appearing live anywhere soon… 😉 As you mention it, when back in the day when they were alive, nobody toured as the Glenn Miller Orchestra without Glenn or the Frank Sinatra Orchestra without Frank. Okay, so technology allows a musician to sit in LA while getting paid for a concert happening in their name in London – but just because it can be done, does it mean it should? Are any other musicians currently doing this? And btw, the Walt Disney analogy doesn’t really work either because he was the manufacturer/creator and he’s not acting in the trailer for the film. Nobody went to see Snow White and The Seven Dwarves and Walt Disney. The correct parallel here is akin to going to Disney World and not seeing Mickey Mouse/ your favourite character – which Disney knows would be a bad thing so they have about 20 version of each dotted around and popping up at various points all over the park and a big parade where you’re guaranteed to see him if you bother to go. To my knowledge Disney have never screened a version of the Lion King without the Lions… 🙂

  • Dima Fon Nmsk

    when to Russia?

  • andy moore

    Just been to Aberdeen and you guys were fantastic me and the wifey really enjoyed ourselves… Cheers absolutely brilliant

  • Roni Moore

    Hi there’s a queue forming here in Dublin, Ireland for your next show. Can you give us a date for the next show. then we’ll have more to talk about here as we queue.