New Video! A ’40s Glenn Miller – Style Remake of “Just Like Heaven,” featuring Natalie Angst

We took a trip to the 1940s this week for another Postmodern Jukebox debut – this time, by a 20 year old vocalist named Natalie Angst.  Watch our vintage remake of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” here:


Download / Order “Just Like Heaven” from our ‘PMJ and Chill’ album:

If Natalie seems very at home with this genre, it's no coincidence; she just finished an extensive tour as the youngest member of the Glenn Miller Orchestra.  For those unfamiliar with Glenn Miller, he was the top-selling recording artist of the early '40s, with big band hits such as "In The Mood"  and "Moonlight Serenade" that became emblematic of both the Big Band Era and, thanks in part to his years of military service, America during WWII.

Despite her age, Natalie is an old soul, and is more familiar with recordings by Ella Fitzgerald than she is with modern-day pop.  She did have a favorite song by The Cure, though: "Just Like Heaven," which, like a Glenn Miller record, has a strong, identifiable melody.  I worked out an arrangement to give the tune a 1940's twist, and added Lemar Guillary on trombone and Jacob Scesney on sax to add in some Tex Beneke-Style solo work.


Natalie's smooth alto voice and natural performance ability really shone here, and it's no surprise that she was such a hit touring with the Orchestra.  You can follow her fan page on Facebook here, and her Instagram here.




  • Thomas Williams

    The audio crackle is a bit of a shame 🙁

  • Kenny Poo

    That was great. Can’t believe she’s only 20! Seems like a seasoned pro. Natalie would be a great addition to the tour if that can be worked out.

  • kcatthedog

    20 ? Man ! lovely lower register and body to your voice and tambre ! Have fun with PMJ !

  • Jon Ehlen

    Great to have this genre back – love her voice and such stage presence! Please keep the 40s and 50s music coming, I prefer it to the Stevie Wonder-ish 70s and 60s music.

  • Hammond Ecks

    I met the wonderful Ms. Angst on a couple of occasions at the annual Glenn Miller Festival in Clarinda, IA, including sitting in the audience at an impromptu lunchtime jam session she had with some other vocalists. She is an AWESOMELY talented person!

    It’s a shame she’s no longer with the band but I understand her reasons for wanting to move on. I expect we’ll hear much, much more from her in future years.