New Video! “Cold Water” Goes Bluegrass, Starring Robyn Adele Anderson

If you are / were lucky enough to catch PMJ on tour in New Zealand and Australia, you got to see the incredible Robyn Adele Anderson perform live – PMJ’s very first superstar vocalist.  Before leaving for tour, however, we brought Robyn in the studio to record this Postmodern Jukebox version of the current pop hit, “Cold Water” (Major Lazer with Justin Bieber) – complete with a bluegrass / ragtime / Americana twist:

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The title “Cold Water” is evocative of early Appalachian folk songs, so it made sense to pull from that well of inspiration. Robyn is no stranger to the world of bluegrass PMJ remakes; her previous performance of Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” has been watched over 6 million times.  This time, we added Kenton Chen (from “MMMBop”) and Jessica Freedman on harmonies to get that “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?” vocal sound.


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This video also saw the debut of pianist Kylan DeGhetaldi, a noted young ragtime and stride piano virtuoso who has appeared on several #PMJtours.  Kylan is not only a great player, but he is also very active in organizing festivals and other events built around bringing younger generations into old time music. Check out his stride piano medley of music from the “Super Mario” Nintendo franchise, for starters:


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We're hitting Singapore and Kuala Lumpur next week, and our North American tour is 2 weeks away!! Get tix to experience PMJ live by clicking here.


Happy #PMJday!


  • B Bear Lazo

    Now this, this is awesome! A perfect cover guys!

  • Nick Taber

    To say that I love this would not even begin to describe how I feel. Sweet Jesus this was an amazing piece. PMJ can’t do wrong and I can’t wait for providence.

  • David Kaminsky

    Wow. I loves me some Robyn. Hope she shows in the New York gig!
    One little nit, it seems a little off tempo on the “Lifeline Tonight: refrain, but that’s a nit. You guys still rock the house…or the barn…

    • Pretty sure it is supposed to be that way. PMJ does a lot of tinkering with the tempo in ways that sound wrong at first listen.

  • Kratz Leatherman

    I liked the song, Robyn’s great voice and the backup singers, but to really be bluegrass I would get rid of the piano, get a mandolin, guitar, fiddle, and a real stand up bass. This one looked electric.

  • Em Sequoia

    Oh boy, Quenton Chen, my PMJ fave – he steals the show anytime he sings back up! Diehard fan here. Go Quenton!

  • Em Sequoia

    I’m so embarassed – I meant Kenton Chen. Yeah Kenton!

  • Notasaltine

    Still hoping for a bluegrass cover of Timber.

  • marge201

    Bravo!!! Love!! (Very partial to Scott on piano but this guy is FABULOUS!)

  • Balmpots

    Is Robyn coming on the March 2017 tour – pleeze somebody let me know.
    If she is, I will bring my Opera Glasses – LOL