New Video!! A Doo Wop Remake of “MMMBop”

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File this under “one of those things that should have existed in this world, but hasn’t until now.”  Get ready to hear Hanson’s “MMMBop” as a ’50s Doo Wop song:


Download / Order “MMMBop” from our ‘Squad Goals’ album:


If you follow PMJ regularly, you’ve seen Kenton Chen, Luke Edgemon, Matt Bloyd, and Mario Jose singing harmonies in some of the most popular recent PMJ videos, such as “Sorry” and “Hey Ya!”  All four are absolutely fantastic lead singers as well, and this video puts their talents center stage (Kenton even does the impressive feat of singing bass and soprano lines in the same song; watch Adam’s expression when he steals the bass line at 2:44).  Hanson’s “MMMBop,” of course, was one of the biggest songs of the ’90s, and putting it into a 1950s context retains the catchiness while also highlighting the (somewhat depressing to be sung by kids?) lyrics.  With these brilliant harmonies, it’s bound to become a PMJ classic.