An Astounding PMJ Video Debut – Virtuoso Gunhild Carling is a “One-Woman PMJ!”

This is another story of how the internet (and Postmodern Jukebox fans) helped me to discover and collaborate with an unbelievable, one-of-a-kind talent.  I’ll tell the story in a second, but first, watch Gunhild Carling‘s PMJ debut and see why she’s been described as a “one woman PMJ show”:

Click here to download the song on iTunes.

Earlier this year, a fan sent me this video, and my jaw hit the floor.  For the rest of the day, I was showing everyone within texting range this incredibly talented multi-instrumental virtuoso, and posted it to Facebook in the hopes that someone knew a way to contact her.  As luck would have it, someone tagged her and she reached out.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 10.33.34 PM

I soon found out that Gunhild lived in Sweden, where she was something of a national treasure. Since PMJ was in the middle of a European tour, I arranged for her to perform with the cast at our Malmo and Copenhagen shows.  She showed up right before showtime – playing a bagpipes, naturally – and proceeded to steal the show, despite not having a chance to rehearse with the band.  Her playing was brilliant, and channeled the joy and energy of jazz legends like Louis Armstrong.  Watch for the split at the end, too.

Gunhild maintains an impressive touring schedule, and had about 48 hours in Los Angeles before traveling to Seoul. Fortunately, we were able to secure a great location for her PMJ debut – The Queen Mary, Long Beach’s historic ship-turned-hotel that houses one of the largest collection of Art Deco artifacts in the world.  We filmed Gunhild’s debut – a hot jazz remake of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” – in the ship’s Observation Bar.  I couldn’t stop smiling; Gunhild’s joy was infectious, and her talent was unbelievable.  I just turned on the camera and let Gunhild did her thing.


Click here to download Gunhild’s PMJ debut on iTunes.

#PMJtour just landed in Australia! Check out this performance on The Morning Show in Sydney, featuring some of our amazing cast – tix are available here.

Happy #PMJday!


P.s. Our new greatest hits album, “The Essentials,” is available for pre order on CD and Vinyl:

  • Brad Wylie

    Your smile is the best part of this video. She’s an absolute joy!

    • marge201

      Yes, not that Scott’s not a smiler but he does project seriousness when performing and so I loved his reaction. Big wow all around! Gunhild Carling is amazing and adorable and sooooo talented!! What fun!! Great work, Scott!!!

  • Jared Louis Ganbarg

    Holy crap! She actually made bagpipes sound GOOD!

  • Wow … Cruise Ship Potential !!!

  • Liz

    Now, that’s talent.

  • Buford

    Happiness is being Rickrolled by a Hot Se7en..

  • George O

    That was incredible. Hopefully she can be part of the US tour!

  • Pol Info

    Amazing ! Incredible !

  • Daffodil Finesmith


  • DogFather

    Singer, multiinstrumentalist, song writer and tap dancer!!

  • PistolPeterson


  • Bucky Eads

    WOW she if phenomenal! Will she be with you at your show in Grand Prairie, TX on November 5th? Or either of your shows in Austin?

  • MissBlue

    I love Scott’s face in the video! He’s so excited!