New Video! “Last Christmas,” Vintage Andrew Sisters-Style. Happy Holidays!

Here it is, folks – the 2015 Postmodern Jukebox Holiday Video:  “Last Christmas,” Andrews Sisters-style, featuring (l to r) Sara Niemietz, Cristina Gatti, Ariana Savalas, and tap dancer Melinda Sullivan. Watch here:

You can get the MP3 on iTunes by clicking here – just in time for that holiday playlist:)


If it looks like we had fun making this video (which we filmed just yesterday; I edited it on a plane today), your perception is correct.  “Last Christmas” is a quintessentially ‘80s Christmas song, so taking it back to a less synthesized era opened up a ton of possibilities for rearrangement.  Ultimately, I decided to feature some of our talented ladies of PMJ in an Andrews Sisters-inspired vocal trio, with a surprise tap dance solo for some added holiday magic.




Cristina, Ariana, and Sara all have rich, colorful voices that lend themselves so well to these kind of vintage remakes, as well as having a great onstage chemistry (Ariana and Cristina are even roommates).  Although we didn’t have much time to rehearse, all three of them were quick to learn the arrangement, and Ariana – a massive Andrews Sisters fan – came up with a few of the vocal harmonies, as well.


As you can see, I played up the “sister” dynamic between the vocalists and Melinda a bit in this video. Melinda, who can also be seen in the PMJ remake of “Umbrella,” showed her acting chops by mastering the facial expressions of a sulking little sister, jealous of her older siblings that are constantly in the spotlight. Thanks to a bit of holiday kindness on the part of clarinetist Jacob Scesney, it becomes a “Cinderella” story by the video’s end.




Happy Holidays from all of us at Postmodern Jukebox! In all its forms, family is such a big part of the holiday season, and we want you all to know that we consider you family, too.  After all, by watching our videos / telling your friends about us / coming to our live shows / sharing your creativity with us, you’ve helped Postmodern Jukebox grow from a few musicians jamming in a basement in Astoria, NY, to a diverse community of performers packing venues all over the world.  We are so grateful for your support of #RealMusic, and excited to see what 2016 has store for the modern vintage universe that is Postmodern Jukebox.


Peace and Love,


P.s. You can get last Christmas’ (see what I did there?) “A Very Postmodern Christmas” on iTunes here.


P.p.s. You can get my solo piano Xmas album, “(It’s Beginning To Look) A Scott Like Christmas” here.
  • Neil Brittain

    A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. I’m looking forward to seeing you in March at The Roundhouse in London for my birthday treat – and what a treat it will be!!!! Have an awesome time over the holidays, look after yourselves. Wishing you much love, luck and happiness in 2016 x

  • Aaron Fronsee

    Wonderful performance, gals!

  • *splash*

  • kcatthedog

    just fantastic like al your stuff, boy, the ladeez sound fine !!

  • Fuad Rubbi

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙂

  • Krzysztof Oborski

    Z dużą przyjemnością słucham i oglądam ten gatunek muzyki w wykonaniu waszych artystów. Oczywiście mam swoich ulubieńców. Ale co zauważyłem po sobie, że wykonania video są ciekawsze, ponieważ w nich widać cały wasz repertuar artystyczny.

  • Eve

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! All your videos are so cheerful, positive and with a kind humor. You have so many good voices! Postmodern is the great idea. I love your music! And I’m WAITING for you in Russia!!! Don’t forget about a small nothern barbaric country, please)) (P.S.: Excuse me for my English, please. I’m working on it.) YOU ALL ARE THE GREAT!!!!!!!!! I love you! 🙂

  • Eve

    And I adore your tap-dance! It’s INCREDIBLE!!!!!!

  • Jarosław Łukasik

    świetne, inteligentne, zabawane !

  • Merry Christmas, these revival arrangements are so much fun.

    I have to admit that I was a PMJ fan before Sara Niemietz joined the cast, this is just icing on the cake for me. In an interview a few years back, Sara was asked about her goals, “world domination by 2016,” she replied jokingly.

    In 2013, B. J. Thomas remarked, “She is the best female singer I’ve heard in my life.”

  • Charles

    Pity the poor younger sister…that was fun.

  • James Darling

    good lord, she does that tap after her feet are folded under her too. They must be at lease a little numb/tingly when she stands up. Those voices.

  • Alexander

    You don’t have to celebrate Christmas to enjoy this video … I’m Jewish, and I love it! I did feel bad for poor Cristina hidden behind the mic though.

  • davis

    great video – too bad frigg’n Google ad took up 1/3 of the page…ugh.

    • Alexbt

      You can usually click the X to get rid of those, you know! It didn’t appear on mine.

    • Stephanie Blevins

      Try Adblock

  • Steve X

    Tell Ariana’s legs I said hi k thx

  • James Lee

    Exceptional vocals, great players, a good song with a notable hook and the inspired tap dancing, make this a visual pleasure, as well as Auditory Slice of Heaven! Love the imagination of your performance and performers, in all the PMJ Videos.

  • Kate McAlpine

    So smooth and rich and absolutely chock-full of talent. Start to finish excellence!

  • Krzysztof Oborski

    Jestem gorącym wielbicielem waszej muzyki i aranżacji. A i bardzo istotne jest też poczucie humoru. Bardzo dużą role pełni też wystrój wnętrz.

  • TT

    Love this rendition (but could live without the tap dancing, nothing personal, I just hate tap, always have).