New Video! “This Love” by Maroon 5, Vintage ’40s Style feat. #PMJsearch Winner Devi-Ananda!

Remember our 2106 #PMJsearch winner Devi-Ananda – who stunned us with her incredible rendition of our ‘60s style “Grenade” remake?  She’s making her PMJ debut in this vintage ‘40s big band remake of Maroon 5’s “This Love,” and she’s a natural.  Watch here:
Devi (pronounced “Day-Vee”) is truly a world class talent with a strong, versatile voice and natural charisma; she effortlessly connects to an audience without any coaching, and has a blast doing it.  Our take on “This Love” sets the song in the 1940’s Swing Era, with a hint of a Latin influence in the verses.  Devi, who has a mischievous streak, had a bit of fun during the solo section, too.
#PMJtour is in Florida, Alabama, and New Orleans this week!  We’re excited to continue bringing #realmusic and #realtalent to more fans, night after night.  Get tix to all our shows worldwide by clicking here.
Happy #PMJday!
  • marge201

    Love this!

  • pavlos8

    Devi is just incredible – m speechless!
    i hope u include her in z PMJ family, will b waiting impatiently her next 1 🙂

  • Kate Knowles Murphy

    Are you still taking submissions?7 Is a cell phone a capella video okay? It’s on my bucket list to sing with you guys. Ms. Savales and her naughty covers are my favorites! See you again tomorrow night in Tampa Bay…

  • Patsy R


  • Rerun Johnson

    Fantastic! Especially love the tap routines.