New Video! Morgan James is Back with PMJ to Cover “Dream On” by Aerosmith

We’ve got the return of another legendary PMJ superstar and the results are just stunning.  Watch Morgan James take Aerosmith’s “Dream On” to a whole new level in our ’60s “orchestral soul” style remake:


Download / Order”Dream On” from our ‘Squad Goals’ album:


Many of you have been following the ascent of Morgan James’ career since her very first appearance on the Postmodern Jukebox cover of “Maps”  became a definitive PMJ vocal masterclass (the vocals at 2:55 in particular).  Since then, she spent a year touring the world with us and then launched a successful tour of her original music, picking up hundreds of thousands of fans of her phenomenal voice along the way (and scoring an invite to sing at some very high profile televised events).  However, she always makes time to visit PMJ for videos and occasional tour appearances, and delivers a masterpiece of a vocal time after time.



Her work on our remake of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” is a vocal tour de force, showcasing her masterful phrasing, power, and range.  The string section of Artyom Manukyan, Desiree Hazley, and Lauren Baba once again bring a warmth and sophistication to the arrangement; I enjoyed working with them so much on our “Black Hole Sun” video featuring Haley Reinhart that I wrote this arrangement with them in mind.


Morgan live on #PMJtour.

You can find this on the new PMJ album, “Squad Goals.”

We’re bringing the magic of PMJ all over the world…. See our list of tour dates & get tix here.

Happy #PMJday!




  • finestsounds

    Great job, (though did I hear a little pitchiness at “pay”, or did Morgan mean to slide up to the note there?)

    • Noidios

      You shut your whore mouth. Morgan is perfect 😉

      • Ed Allen

        ROFLMAO. too funny.

  • marge201


  • Graham Harper

    Man, it is another outstanding arrangement and performance by your production group !!! What a wallop !!! Morgan, and Scott and your orchestra are solid Gold !!! You know with Haley and Ariana and the group, your music is unparalleled by anyone, and you know that is true !!! Congatulations on another first class #1 hit with this one !!!

  • Brad Wylie

    That was max intensity!

  • ElizabethDahl

    Wow. Incredible. Such power and feeling!

  • Daniela Szyldergemajn

    DAMN IT!!! hear her sing!! AMAZING!

  • outofnormal

    Fabulous! I hope that joins the PMJ karaoke line up.

  • David Wright

    Wow! Just, WOW! Can’t wait to see you guys in Houston this November. I’ll be down front!

  • Ed Allen

    Bravo, my Father was a jazz musician and i know that he would fall in love with Morgan if he was still with us. Your vocal range send chills up my spine, i hope that someday i can see you perform in Canada

  • zuzu petals


  • Bobby Amezcua

    FINALLY!!!! Y’all get a ROCK song right… Loved it. Best rock song you’ve ever done PMJ! / Maybe Morgan should do all of the rock songs and none of those that have attempted to do them. Loved it! Have her do “Living on a prayer” too.

  • gypsearyder

    Un-Freakin’ Believable! BRAVO!!!

  • Mark Baley

    Holy Hollerin’, Morgan. You crammed all that soul into this virtuoso performance of a true rock classic like a stuff sack for a sleeping bag. How does that all fit? I get that you are a gift of god’s grace but really? You give it up like you gotta get it out, girl! I only wish the volume was up for the Artyom Manukyan cello solo and props to the strings of Desiree Hazley, and Lauren Baba for putting the icing on. So delicious my ear wants to eat it! Scott Bradlee – we love you man! Thank you from every fiber of my being for doing what you do. Just “a piano guy” brings all this art to the world for my listening enjoyment. Yours too, PMJ fans.