New Video! “The Tap Awakens” – ‘Star Wars’ Medley feat. Sarah Reich

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens smashing box office records this past week, we recorded this special medley of famous Star Wars themes to feature tap dance sensation (and occasional C-3PO cosplayer) Sarah Reich. Watch her amazing performance here:

(Thanks to trombonist Lemar Guillary  aka “Lemarth Vader” for providing the lightsabers.)

If you caught the most recent North American #PMJtour, you definitely remember this part of the show.  It should come as no surprise to learn that Sarah Reich is one of the best tap dancers in the world.  In addition to touring with Postmodern Jukebox, she is also changing the world of dance with her own collective, the Tap Music Project, which also offers intensive workshops and masterclasses to tap dancers around the world.


May the force [of tap] be with you!

Tix for the PMJ tour of Europe are available by clicking here.



P.s. the MP3 isn’t available on iTunes yet, but I’ll be releasing it for our $1 and up Patreon pledges later tonight.

  • Steven Molen

    Holy star wars batman, I think we’ve found the droid we’ve been looking for.

  • Tamar Rachel Mucha

    So great! Just… So great!

  • Mary Kay Hodges-Cates

    Wow! Love Star Wars. Love everyone involved with PMJ
    Love the artistry of it all, music, dance, her feet being an instrument in the music.
    It’s just not one I would listen to or watch over and over.
    Thank you for sharing this and all the amazing talented people in PMJ.

  • Chkos Segovia

    Me:I love you PMJ
    PMJ: I know

    PS: Please come to Mexico It would be amazing to have you here.

    Hope you have an excellent new year and may the tap be with you.

  • Richi

    Super mega cool dance!

  • marge201

    Absolutely wonderful!

  • Kelby Pierson

    I wonder how Sarah Reich treats groupies…male groupies who love her because she is beautiful and taps her heart out…me

  • New synonym for step dancing today is — Sarah danzig. This was fantastic