This “Old Fashioned” Remake of the “Family Guy” Theme Will Make Your Day

Our Greatest Hits Album – “The Essentials” – comes out tomorrow! 

Download / Order “The Essentials” album:

Our North American tour begins today, so we did something special and a little different to kick things off! Lucky #PMJtour audiences in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia already got to witness the incredible, inimitable Casey Abrams perform live – here he is paired with PMJ’s Queen of Tap, Sarah Reich in this special version of the “Family Guy” theme song – now available on iTunes:

Click here to download the song on iTunes.

Casey and Sarah are joined by newcomer Nora Germain, an exceptionally talented jazz violinist that helped give an “old time” music feel to this song that laments the loss of “old fashioned values” in entertainment.  For PMJ, great music and pure, unadulterated outstanding performances are the values that we hold near and dear, and we’re excited to bring #realmusic all across North America in these next couple of months.  You can get tickets for a city near you by clicking here.


Happy #PMJday!


  • marge201

    It made my day!! It’s wonderful & adorable as are each of you!!!

  • Christian Damon

    Scott, please don’t give into these click-bait titles… please.

    • Christian Damon

      That said, I know why anyone would. Let the click bait sites do it for you. They already do.

  • Jared Louis Ganbarg

    Make my day? This made my month!

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  • Pat Bednar Cole

    LOVE PMJ! Saw them at Toad’s Place, New Haven. Front row seats and I was directly in front of the tapper. I couldn’t stop watching her. Simply A M A Z I N G!!!

  • Kat

    To fun!

  • Borisgoodenough

    Where’s the WAV version (or FLAC) of the new album? Don’t need the CD, but would really like better sound than an MP3.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Detroit later this week!