An Orchestral Remake of “Jolene,” Starring Maris From #PMJsearch

Nothing stirs the emotions quite like a broken-hearted country song… except maybe for a lush, ’60s style orchestral pop tune! Teenage prodigy and #PMJsearch runner-up Maris makes her debut with the group for this knockout rendition of Dolly Parton’s classic “Jolene” – watch it here:

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17-year-old Maris first came to our attention as one of the runners-up in last year’s second #PMJsearch, when the Montana-based singer (then only 16!) submitted a powerhouse cover of Radiohead’s “Creep.” It was immediately obvious that this young vocalist possessed talent far beyond her years, so she was the perfect choice to front PMJ for our romantic, string-drenched take on “Jolene.”


Click here to download the song on iTunes.

One of Dolly Parton’s earliest hits, “Jolene” spotlights the country icon’s gift for melding plainspoken country balladry with high melodrama – a knack she’d go on to perfect with “I Will Always Love You.” Dolly’s tale of a woman in love pleading with her beautiful rival not to steal her beloved is inherently cinematic, so it was only natural for Scott Bradlee to turn the song into an orchestral lament. PMJ’s version swathes the soaring melody in strings and harp and changing the setting from the Appalachian mountains to Beverly Hills. Maris wrings every ounce of emotion from the song with a wrenchingly dramatic performance, even taking the song briefly back to its country roots when she picks up an acoustic guitar and strums a few unaccompanied line before heading into the surging finale. It’s a striking performance in the moment and only promises greater things for her future.

-Shaun Brady

News just broke of the passing of Chris Cornell, the master talent behind the soulful sound and songwriting of Soundgarden. We invite you to listen to our rendition of ‘Black Hole Sun’, as sung by Haley Reinhart here:


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  • Carole

    This song and the way it is sung and presented go way beyond the stars and sun above. With this remake of Jolene one is pulled in and then shot out like fireworks against a bitter cold winter’s night. ~ epona

  • Post Modern Juke Box is fast becoming the premier music innovator – they are recreating the Great Amerian Songbook.

  • butts6954

    This girls got it man! A beautiful, powerful voice……..

  • Susan

    Dolly would be proud

  • Doctor Bombay

    Her voice gives me chills.

  • Donnie Mac Leod

    So refreshing to see musicians who know how to tell a story so that it can be heard to the last note & not be a high pitched instrumental assault upon your eardrums.