Postmodern Jukebox Live on Good Day LA

We just returned from a busy morning. PMJ was invited to perform on Good Day LA in advance of our Dec 11 LA show, so we put together an exclusive performance of “Lovefool,” and also taped a performance for future airing.  Check out this homemade recording I found of it online here:

The last part was an impromptu jam on “All About That Bass” – we’ve certainly gotten a lot of mileage out of that tune. That’s superstar Haley Reinhart on vocals, along with the all star PMJ brass and Lara Somogyi on harp.  Lara was also featured on our “Welcome to the Jungle” remake with Daniela Andrade, and has her own YouTube channel of electroacoustic harp covers that combine looping with live performance – here’s one.

Mike Cottone on trumpet

Mike Cottone on trumpet

Getting there at 7:45am was no small feat, since musicians by nature are NOT morning people, but free coffee certainly helped.  This was our second time on Good Day LA, so it was great to see some familiar faces there.  Their entire crew made us feel at home, and put up with our antics more than they had to.

PMJ: FOX's hard hitting news team

PMJ: FOX’s hard hitting news team

Live TV moves extremely quick.  There are a lot of moving parts, so performers generally have to set up and check sound on commercial breaks.  When it’s time to perform, you’re giving a countdown and then it’s off to the races.



It was a fun time, and both Haley and Sara Niemietz (who taped the second song with us) sounded incredible on vocals.  Our Dec 11 show at Microsoft Theater is set to be our biggest show EVER, so we’re pulling out all the stops.   Tix for this and other shows are available here.



Candid shot of me getting camera makeup done. I was not amused.

You can watch our YouTube version of “Lovefool” here – the MP3 is available on “Swipe Right For Vintage.”


Download / Order “Lovefool” from our ‘Swipe Right For Vintage ‘ album:



  • Jessica

    I can’t wait to see Saras bit.. If you do post it. Hailey sounded amazing as always! “Biggest show yet” “All The Stops”. I am super jealous of all the LA people that are going to witness this particular show. If I still lived in AZ I would drive all the way just to see you guys again! Awesome job Scott as always! Keep it classy!❤️

  • Alex S

    This performance was awesome! I loved the energy of All About that Bass, and that was actually the first time I heard Lovefool! 🙂

  • Ryan

    Wow. love the tempo of this 🙂

  • Alberto

    ¡ Extraordinario ! No me canso de escucharlo.

  • Diane

    This is the greatest idea ever!!! I love how the arrangements make me love songs that I formerly hated! I am so glad to see that Hailey is getting the credit she deserves. She has a fabulous voice. Also, Mike Cottone is a fantastic trumpet player. The horn arrangements are excellent.

  • LaRae Starr

    I have always loved this song. But this is the greatest brings the romanticism of the lyrics to the forefront. Great video. I look forward to seeing your band live. I would love to perform with you..peace

  • Peter J Smith

    Haley is like a reincarnation of Ella Fitzgerald!