“Never Gonna Give You Up,” 70s Soul Remake ft. Clark Beckham

In honor of April Fools’ Day, we “rickrolled” the internet in our new cover that featured mega talented American Idol finalist Clark Beckham.  Watch here:


Download / Order “Never Gonna Give You Up” from our ‘Swing The Vote’ album:

The act of “rickrolling” a friend (or enemy) by sending a disguised link to Rick Astley’s 1987 video of “Never Gonna Give You Up” is just one those strange internet phenomena that, against all odds, somehow made it into the mainstream; as the creator of a musical group that went from my basement to a world tour, I find this meme oddly satisfying.  You can read a very detailed history of this meme here.

The idea to do this cover actually came from Clark; he’s a seriously talented musician with a great sense of humor, which made him a great fit for this video.  In addition to his soulful tone and impressive range, his musicianship as a vocalist is very rare – before the session, we spent some time jamming on Stevie Wonder’s notoriously difficult tune, “Lately.”  It’s clear that Clark lives and breathes music, and he’ll have lots of success simply by continuing to make the music that he loves.


Clark with backup vocalists Briana Lee and Jess Freedman.

Clark released a video on his own channel a few days ago as well – a brilliant cover of “Tennessee Whiskey.”  Check it out here – it’s a phenomenal vocal performance:


Enjoy your week, and feel free to send your friends this classiest of all rickrolls.







  • boelaars

    In case you’re not aware, the awesome video does not display in all web browsers due to the way it’s embedded in the post. Safari on Mac only shows a big white chunk of empty space between the first and second paragraph and nothing else.

  • Jason Schechter

    I knew it

  • Jared Louis Ganbarg

    And this cover just HAD to wait until April 1st…

  • dimazalun

    Almost crying 🙂
    Clark is uber-cute and great performer!

  • Dr What

    I’ve been Rick Rolled, yet with Class this time.

  • Drake Pagulayan

    BRAVO!!! THis is the first time in 5 years I have been Rick Rolled. Thank you for doing it with Class and finesse.

  • Kris Webb

    Ha ha.

  • Greg G Gould

    If this wasn’t Never Gonna Give You Up, I would have been very upset. Happy April Fool’s Day.

  • Bryce Katz

    Best. Rickroll. EVAR.

  • Jacob Lichtefeld

    Only PMJ can rickroll us with class.

  • dee squared

    BWAHAHAHAHA! This is awesome!!

  • Lola Noir

    Now that’s an acceptable way of rickrolling!

  • Rob Franklin


  • Blake Vancouver

    Insanely tight performance as usual. And I thought the vocal arrangements were excellent. Everything clicked all the boxes were ticked pmj is slick!