A Vintage ’50s Remake of “Sledgehammer,” featuring Noah Guthrie


We have an exciting PMJ debut this week – meet Noah Guthrie, an incredible young singer / songwriter that has already amassed a large follower, thanks to his musical gifts.  Check out what we did with Peter Gabriel’s 1986 hit, “Sledgehammer” – Watch:

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Fans of the hit show, “GLEE” will recognize Noah from his role in the show’s sixth season.  In addition, he’s built a subscriber base of nearly 500,000 on his popular YouTube channel – be sure to check out his other covers.  Working with Noah on his PMJ debut was a great experience.  My vision for “Sledgehammer” was to take it back to the era when the rhythms of railroads influenced popular music, and Noah’s blues and Gospel-tinged voice was a perfect stylistic fit.  Tara Louise and Adanna Duru also lent their fantastic voices (and in Adanna’s case, acting ability:)) to the arrangement.


Click here to download this song on iTunes.


We just added a few new tour dates – Rochester, Victoria, and Vancouver!  I promised you Canada, and kept my word;)  tix will be available here.


Happy #PMJday!


  • Leticia

    Hey, the song is great, but this isn’t the first time, so I’ll have to ask. What’s with Adanna’s wardrobe? The white shoes are weird enough, but it looks like sent a color blind personal stylist to a thrift store with a budget of 5 bucks.

    • Linda Broadfoot

      I LOVE that long skirt! Gorgeous

      • Leticia

        That skirt is beautiful, I agree. But for video small geometric prints have a dizzying effect. I was commenting on her look as an “outfit” to be filmed in, not as something to be worn in real life.

        I would love to see her in an outfit that showcased her talent for music and acting, by it’s discretion and appropriateness. Say a long solid colored dress with dark shoes. Or a cream dress with light shoes, that would be gorgeous with her skin tone. None of those are expensive. I used to shop thrift stores for outfits for photography, so I know they can be found cheaply and with good quality there if you are willing to take the time.

  • enepe

    the black girl is SOOO FUNNY… I love it