A Vintage Blues Remake of “I Want You To Want Me,” Feat. Sara Niemietz

PMJ superstar Sara Niemietz is back with her latest Postmodern Jukebox performance: a haunting, bluesy remake of Cheap Trick’s 1978 hit, “I Want You To Want Me.”  This one also features famed film composer Snuffy Walden on guitar.  Watch:

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Sara is currently stunning European audiences on #PMJtour with her flawless voice and natural storytelling ability, both of which are on full display here.   By changing the genre and the intent in the vocals, this classic song takes on a brand new, surprisingly poignant quality.


Even if you haven’t heard W.G. “Snuffy” Walden’s name before, you’ve certainly heard his work, starting with his work as a television composer on Thirtysomething and The Wonder Years, and continuing to this day with his Emmy Award-winning title theme of The West Wing and Friday Night Lights.  He’s a true legend as a composer, and an incredible guitarist, as well.


Click here to get the song on iTunes.

We’ve had some incredible moments on #PMJtour in Europe, and are excited to bring the show and our talented cast members to even more cities around the world!!  All tix worldwide are available here.  Here’s a clip of multi-instrumental virtuoso Gunhild Carling joining us at the Copenhagen show to perform our version of “Never Gonna Give You Up”:

Happy #PMJday!




  • ETDB

    seems… ALL THINGS “SARA” are Awesome !! … good to see Snuffy with PMJ… thanks for the video.

  • marge201

    Sara is fabulous!! And fun watching Gunhild from the side!

  • David Kaminsky

    Holy cow. This blew me away. What a performance. And I love the fact that Mr. Walden contributed. A classic, congrats to all.

  • David Hanby

    so beautiful what a great song by sara it is like she is singing to you omly just wow