A Vintage Remake of “Ice Ice Baby” With An Ice Sculpture Of Vanilla Ice, Starring Aubrey Logan

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To kick off Winter of 2017, here’s the vintage jazz remake of “Ice Ice Baby” that you’ve been waiting for – complete with an ice sculpture of Vanilla Ice and vocals by Aubrey Logan.  Watch:

Click here to get our new album, “33 Resolutions Per Minute.”

I think this video pretty much speaks for itself.  Just as she did with “Bad Blood,” Aubrey once again turned this classic rap verse into a swingin’ Ella Fitzgerald jazz vocalese.  Of course, having a well crafted ice sculpture bust of Vanilla Ice circa 1990 on hand also motivated us to take things to the next level – here’s a closer look:




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Enjoy the new album and Happy New Year!



  • Bob Gilroy

    That was….FUN!!!!!

  • Chris Andres

    You raised the price on 33 by $2 since this morning !! oh well,.

  • Frank Converse

    Why waste great vocalists and players on such tripe. ? Surely you can find sophisticated or halfway hip songs to swing by. Problem is the Modern Swing movement happened in the late 90’s in the Bay Area by people who got it.