A Western Saloon Style Remake of “Rather Be,” Starring Ada Pasternak

Fans of “Westworld” and its PMJ / Bioshock : Infinite – inspired saloon remakes will appreciate this Western Saloon – style remake of Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be,” starring singer / violinist Ada Pasternak in her Postmodern Jukebox debut.  Watch:

Click here to get the song on iTunes.

Ada is a unique talent; a classically trained Russian-born child prodigy that grew up to fall in love with jazz and pop music in the United States.  Her quick ear and endless creativity is an asset not only as a performer but as a songwriter, as well (you can hear her original music here.) Our version of “Rather Be” takes the violin riff in the original and expands it to imagine what the piece would have sounded like if it was recorded 100 years ago, in a ragtime band setting.



Click here to get the song on iTunes.

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  • Danielle

    Wow! This song makes me so happy. What a clear, clean voice Ada has. Brava.

  • Marcos Filipe Vieira

    Each day I like even more your choices for the songs and the singers. I discovered Ada least then a month ago, with a video of the “Piano Around the World” and fall in love for her performance, singing and playing violin =D

  • Mark Baley

    What a wonderful woman you are Ada Pasternak! I really like your falsetto slip into hollowed tonality! That is raw Talent that can’t be taught! You have taught yourself well on that viola too! Scott, as usual, your genius just seeps through your arrangements like Maple Syrup! Just the right Bass and the snare sweep is sweet! Brilliant yet again, PMJ!

  • Mark Baley

    BTW, Where was this recorded and photographed? The decor is apropo!

  • Matthias Cramer

    Is there another way than iTunes to get this song? I don’t have Mac or Windows at hand (I’m a Linux user)…

    • Angus Davidson

      You can create a VM (from the test microsoft images) download it via itunes there) Once you have the files just copy them to your linux drive. delete the VM.

  • marge201

    Another gem, this time with new (to me) people. Great ensemble, gorgeous voice and talent. Love!!