Know Your PMJ Meme: Who is “Tambourine Guy?”

For the last several years, one man has singlehandedly been reviving interest in the art of tambourine playing.  And, he’s done so in the most joyful way.  Meet Postmodern Jukebox’s enigmatic “Tambourine Guy.”


“Tambourine Guy”, portrayed by Grammy nominated singer / songwriter / TV personality / entertainer Tim Kubart), is simply living his best life.  He doesn’t concern himself with trying to look cool or fit in. He doesn’t hide his enthusiasm; he revels in it. As Tim explained to me, Tambourine Guy represents the desire in all of us to be on a stage with a live band, celebrating the experience of live music with zero inhibitions.  He’s not really part of the band; he’s an audience member that somehow made it onstage to live his dreams.


Tambourine Guy was born on Thanksgiving Day in 2011, when a video provocatively titled, “A Motown Tribute To Nickelback” appeared on the PMJ channel  (back in its “Scottbradleelovesya” days, for longtime fans).  The video came as a response to a much-publicized internet petition that sought to ban Nickelback from performing at a halftime show in Detroit, and went viral almost instantly.  One of the most commented on features of the video was a vest- and- tie-clad man playing the tambourine as though it was the happiest moment of his life.

Since then, Tambourine Guy has stumbled upon a number of Postmodern Jukebox shoots in a surprising variety of ways – sometimes, giving a bit of warning via the telltale sound of tambourine…


Download / Order “Roar” from our ‘Selfies on Kodachrome’ album:

...other times, playing it cool as a member of the band (as the rest of the group attempts to ignore him)...


Download / Order "Really Don't Care" from our ‘Historical Misappropriation' album:

...still other times, running into an office building in NYC in search of that sweet Motown sound (starts at 1:42).

It isn't exactly clear how Tambourine Guy finds our video shoots, but his appearances throughout Postmodern Jukebox tours are generally a surprise to all involved - myself included.  Sometimes, Tim will hint at possible TG appearances on his Facebook page, but other times, he won't even know.  Audiences that are lucky enough to be at one of the cities he visits, however, are in for a treat: there are few things in life that are as exciting as watching Tambourine Guy burst forth on that stage like a gazelle, all limbs and smiles and tambourine.


As our lives grow more and more complex by the day, it's sometimes hard to allow ourselves to enjoy each moment to its fullest. Very often, our ability to experience joy gets buried under layers of stress, insecurity, obligation, and anxiety.  We might not have it all figured out, but perhaps Tambourine Guy does.  Perhaps Tambourine Guy is the wisest of us all.


Download / Order "Bye Bye Bye" from our ‘PMJ and Chill' album:





P.s. learn more about Tim Kubart here - watch for a Tambourine Guy appearance in a new PMJ video soon.

  • Kim

    Excellent article! If we could all be as happy as Tambourine Guy, the world be a much better place! Thank you Scott!

  • marge201


    • Marilyn Witz Levin

      I agree. What a tonic!!!

  • Sundi West

    Always smiling after seeing Tambourine Guy! Almost better than puppies. Thank you, Scott, for putting him in the videos. And thank you, Tim! We love your work!

  • Dan

    There’s a little Tambourine Guy in all of us, just wanting to get out …
    The videos are cool as people and instruments pop in and out..
    makes music fun!

  • F. James

    I’m not gonna lie, I very likely owe my life to those man. Several months ago, I was in the deepest depression I have ever been in. As I sat there, pondering ending it all, I happened upon the “Really Don’t Care” video. Tim’s enthusiasm and absolute joy in that video, did something I thought was impossible at that point, it made me smile. Even now, when I find myself in need of a good pick me up, I turn on that video, and watch the joy… and for at least a short time everything seems better.

    So it probably means nothing, coming from some faceless schmuck… but honestly, and truly…. thank you for all that you do.

    • Joanna Wanfried

      I don’t know if it means anything coming from a random internet stranger, but I’m glad you’re still here with us.

    • Danielle

      So glad you decided to stay.

  • John M O’Meara

    In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

    And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was Tambourine Guy. And it was good.

  • Fran Micheli

    love it! thanks tambourine guy for being the funniest and most cheerful part of PMJB! Waiting to see you guys in Brazil. <3

  • Tara Benjamin

    “watching Tambourine Guy burst forth on that stage like a gazelle” + the picture right below = almost spat my tea everywhere.

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