Postmodern Jukebox – The World Tour

It’s hard to believe, but Postmodern Jukebox has only been touring for a little over a year.  In that year, we’ve gone from playing 300 person clubs to 3000 seat theaters and have performed on four continents and in nearly 100 countries.  And, we’re just getting started.


In early 2016, we’ll be doing our biggest tour yet – three months of shows all across the UK and Europe.  We’re also planning upcoming tours of South America, Australia / Asia, and the US.  Our goals are simple: to give everyone in the world the chance to go back in time and experience real, live music with some of the best live performers in the world.  Although dressing your vintage best isn’t mandatory, it sure is encouraged.

Photo by Emily Butler Photography

Photo by Emily Butler Photography

I had the idea for the format of a Postmodern Jukebox stage show even before I had the name ‘Postmodern Jukebox.’  I imagined that the best way to present this “alternate universe” would be by modeling it after variety shows from years ago, with an emcee narrating the evening and presenting various acts, who would then perform with the house band.  I remembered watching The Lawrence Welk Show with my grandmother; this would be “Lawrence Welk with 100% more twerking,” as an early version of the script read.

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Of course, this means that we bring A LOT of talent with us on the road.  Multiple superstar vocalists, a horn section, a tap dancer, sometimes a very enthusiastic “Tambourine Guy”…every show is a unique production. Postmodern Jukebox isn’t a “band” in the traditional sense of the word; it’s more of a community of performers, and to date we’ve featured more than 40 cast members on the Postmodern Jukebox bandstand.  Some of them have gone on to launch tours of their own and continue to make guest appearances with us; we’ve been described as the “SNL for singers.”


Morgan James, live on #PMJtour

As the creator of the show, I personally arrange all the music and handpick the performers in every cast, kind of the way Wolfgang Puck creates a dish.  That means that while the cast may rotate and change from tour to tour (or even city to city), I can promise that every show will be the best show that you’ve ever seen, with some the most talented performers in the world on that revered PMJ bandstand.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sarah Reich, tap dancing phenomenon

Sarah Reich, tap dancing phenomenon

To follow these tours online, check the #PMJtour hashtag.  You’ll likely stumble upon some amazing moments. You can see the list of cities that we’ll be at our official ticket hub:



  • Jacqueline wood

    Looking forward to seeing you live at the Dubai jazz Festival on the 24th of February 2016

  • Jacqueline wood

    Congratulations on your new page

  • Andrew

    Y no Russia? 🙁

  • Congratulations on the new page! Very excited to attend a show!

  • Pleeease!! A date or two for Mexico city! I’m eager to see all PMJ’s work live… don’t also forget Morgan James! 😉

  • Marilyn Legg

    Looking forward to seeing you in Bournemouth on 12th March!! Excited already ♥

  • [email protected]

    The PMJ show in Fort Lauderdale was one of the finest concerts I’ve ever seen. My eight-year-old daughter loved it so much we bought the new album on the drive back to Naples. She’s hysterical running around the house singing halo in her best falsetto.

  • Eric Brodt

    Saw you guys in Charlotte, NC. It was easily (easily) the best show that I have seen in years. I carry my PMJ key with me on my ring. Everybody asks me what it’s for and I tell them that it’s the key to the best music available. Now you have a website I can direct to which I can direct them. Can’t wait to see you all again.

  • Kristi

    Please please please come back to Fairbanks Alaska next time you do a stateside tour! I have never been to such an amazing concert and I would love the chance to see you again. Love the idea behind you and the music is outatanding!

  • Isaac

    Thanks for the many available tour dates! Dallas loved you!! Come to Texas anytime, best wishes!! ps. loved the nod to that one sci-fi flick wink

  • Bob

    Dallas was AMAZING. A huge thanks to all the talent, and talent was in overabundance!!! Best show ever.

  • Cyndy

    Hurry back to Melbourne… Its already been too long!

    • DeniL

      Fantastic evening in San Diego last night. Danced and smiled nonstop the entire time. Much better venue than last year!

  • marge201

    “Lawrence Welk with 100% more twerking,” that’s a riot. How about those Lennon Sisters?!! lol!

  • Regina Moraes

    I follow you since June this year. I love the format of the shows, the costumes, the performances. I look forward to seeing you here in Brazil (São Paulo).

  • mwm341

    Will you still be performing with PMJ?

  • gabrieldichis

    someone say south america!? come to Argentina!! Please

  • Brittany Spry

    Please bring Haley Reinhart to Sydney Australia. I am begging you. It’s my dream to see her live and she’s my favourite singer ever. I didn’t get to see you guys last time you where here because I was performing my music exams in which I actually sung your rendition of Creep. Pretty please with a cherry on top!!

    • Deric Von Weber

      Please bring Haley Reinhart to Australia 🙂

  • snkrmn

    Jakarta, please.

  • Cristielle Mara Pereira

    Please come to Brazil!!!

    • Fabio Ricardo Della Libera

      Please come to Brazil!!! 2

  • João Marcos Salles

    Brazil.. please… pretty please!!!!!

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    please make a concert in mexico

  • China Gorospe

    Please come to the Philippines! I will start saving for a ticket. 🙂

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    Dying to see you guys alive! Please come to Brazil!!!

  • How does one audition to be a vocalist?