Evolution of The “FRIENDS” Theme Song Ft. The Rembrandts

I KNOW we said we were on a break….

But sometimes news of a #FriendsReunion falls right into your lap and you just gotta go with it…so here’s our “Evolution of the FRIENDS Theme Song (I’ll Be There For You) Through The Decades,” starring our incredible Postmodern Jukebox family and featuring The Rembrandts (the guys that made the theme song) themselves!

Speaking of decades, happy 10th birthday to Postmodern Jukebox & thanks to all our amazing fans for being there for us, too;)

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“I’ll Be There For You” Through The Decades Starring:

20s Singer – Therese Curatolo

30s Singer – Blake Lewis

40s Singers – Olivia Kuper Harris & Sara Niemietz

50s Singer – Rogelio Douglas Jr.

60s Singer – Casey Abrams

70s Singer – Tia Simone

80s Singer – Michael Cunio

90s Singers – The Rembrandts (The Original Artist!)


The Hollywood It Girls – Symphony Canady, Sarah Gomez, Baby Jazz, Sheila Mann, Alison Sinclair, Sara Vita

Swing Dancers – Minn Vo & April Dolby Fulmer

Tia’ Turner Dancers – Sunny Holiday, Shayla Navarro, Jessica Barahona


Drums – Aaron McLendon

Bass – Adam Kubota

Clarinet & Sax – Jacob Scesney

Trumpet – Mike Cottone

Trombone – JP Floyd

Guitar & Backup Vocals – Dylan Chambers

Tambourine Guy – Tim Kubart

Piano – Scott Bradlee