Last Album Of Season 1 Is Here! Learn To Floss in 3 Easy Steps

Our newest album Learn To Floss In 3 Easy Steps is available now!

Season 1 of PMJ is officially over.

“Learn to Floss in 3 Easy Steps”, with 11 PMJ tracks, joins 15 other albums to close out Season 1.

Here is the track list:

1. Shape of you (feat. Stefano)
2. The Middle (feat. Blake Lewis)
3. Still into you (feat. Maris)
4. Baby (feat. Melinda Doolittle)
6. Domino (feat. Emmaline)
7. Before He Cheats (feat. Kitty Hawk)
8. Say Something (feat. Hudson Thames & Robyn Adele Anderson)
9. Always be my baby (feat. Aubrey Logan)
10. (What Are You Doing) New Year’s Eve? (feat. Rayvon Owen & Olivia Kuper Harris)
11. The End Of The World (feat. Niia)

What’s next for PMJ?

Tune in on September 20th for the beginning of PMJ Season 2!



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