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Niia Sings Marshmello’s “Alone” in an Enchanted Jazz Forest

Granted, a DJ with a grinning piece of gooey candy for a head is pretty fantastical to begin with, but PMJ makes Marshmello’s hit track all the more whimsical… Fall under the spell of our Enchanted Jazz Forest Style cover of  Marshmello’s Alone featuring Niia here:

Click Here to download our version of Marshmello’s Alone featuring Niia

With the help of singer-songwriter Niia’s enchanting vocals, Scott and the band are transported out of the living room and into a lush, magical garden.

Nick Mancini’s vibes set the dreamy tone as Niia croons the introspective tune while swaying on a flower-covered tree swing.

Marshmello's Alone featuring Niia

An L.A.-based singer who’s worked with Wyclef Jean and performed the music of 007 with a 14-piece orchestra, Niia has a habit of shaking up the environment when she joins up with PMJ — witness our candlelit cover of Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In the World)!”

This time around, she’s trying to find her way back home from this green fairy tale landscape.

Have you seen PMJ live?! Come experience the wonder of taking pop hits back in time LIVE in a city near you! Get tickets here:

Marshmello's Alone featuring Niia

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