A ‘30s Jazz Version of Halsey’s “Bad At Love” featuring Amber Eyes!

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Amber Eyes may be bad at love, but she’s awesome at summoning a big, soulful voice from a small package. The L.A.-based singer-songwriter puts her powerhouse instrument to work on Halsey’s tale of romance gone sour in this vintage Bad At Love cover.

Sad as it is to see anybody get jilted at the altar, I’m thinking she’s better off – that guy looks like a big dummy. Seems like she’s better off with the band!

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Amber Eyes makes her PMJ debut this week, but if you can’t get enough of her performance you can take it home – along with 14 other recent favorites!

That’s right, PMJ is about to drop their latest CD and the year’s most hotly anticipated sequel (take that, Marvel!): “Jazz Me Outside Part 2!”

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Along with “Bad At Love,” the album features Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with a special trick or treat drop-in from celebrity pal Wayne Brady, Dutch chanteuse Jennie Lena climbing aboard Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train,” and Maiya Sykes giving The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan a stirring send-off with her heart-wrenching take on “Zombie.”

It’s the perfect soundtrack for forgetting your latest love affair gone wrong! (You can’t blame us for trying.)

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