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Casey Abrams Kicks Off Blue Mirror With “Africa”

Casey Abrams helps us kick off Season 2 of Postmodern Jukebox with this special video starring Snuffy Walden and The Fyre Music Box. Our newest Album, Blue Mirror, contains ALL unreleased tracks! 

But first… let’s start with this:

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  1. Who Wants to Live Forever (feat. Morgan James)
  2. Africa (feat. Casey Abrams & Snuffy Walden)
  3. Life On Mars (feat. Olivia Kuper Harris)
  4. High and Dry (feat. Carrie Manolakos)
  5. Genie in a Bottle (feat. Brielle Von Hugel)
  6. Video Killed the Radio Star (feat. Cunio)
  7. Welcome to the Black Parade (feat. Joey Cook)
  8. In the Air Tonight (feat. Kaeyra)
  9. Dancing Queen (feat. Gunhild Carling)


Blue Mirror

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