Happy New Year! Postmodern Jukebox 2018 Year In Review

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Wow! Quite a fun year.

So fun in fact, we wanted to share with you a recap of 2018. This video does a great job encapsulating 2018. The videos, behind the scenes, the tours, the magic and spirt of PMJ 2018 in under 3 minutes. Watch here:



In 2018:  

  •  5 New albums
  • 32 new videos
  • 217 shows around the world
  • Hosted our first Las Vegas Residency
  • 709K new Youtube subscribers bringing us to a total of 3.7M subscribers
  • 1.9M shares on Youtube
  • 2.5M likes on Youtube
  • 209M views on Youtube bringing us to a total of 1B views!
  • Ran #PMJSEARCH2018, our 4th year in a row sourcing incredible new talent
  • Launched our spinoff kids channel Postmodern Juicebox 


And 2019 is off to a strong start. 118 shows already available on sale and many many more to be added….

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Check out a montage of all 32 videos we released this year below:

..And that’s a WRAP!