A “’50s Prom” – Style Version of The Chainsmokers’ “Closer,” Starring Kenton Chen

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This week, we re-imagined the current #1 song in America as a ’50s prom classic — with the help of Kenton Chen (from “MMMBop”), in his Postmodern Jukebox debut. Watch our take on The Chainsmokers’ Closer:

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Ever since Kenton appeared on our channel singing backups on our “Say My Name” remake, he’s become a new fan favorite, thanks to his charisma and multi octave, pitch perfect vocals.  In “MMMBop” in particular, he stole the show by singing both the bass and soprano lines.  Clearly, it was time for him to make his solo video debut, and he gave an outstanding and fun performance of this enormously popular hit (Kenton upon reading the lyrics: “Who is this person stealing mattresses? It sounds like they’re making some pretty bad decisions”).  The soulful Mario Jose (From out hit “Colors Of The Wind”) and Vince Cannady also joined us for some sweet harmonies.  If you were in high school during the late ’50s, this would be your JAM.

The Chainsmokers' Closer


Wasn’t the “Closer” cover you had in mind? Check out Kenton Chen in our Nine Inch Nail’s cover of “Closer” here!

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