Blake Lewis channels Bobby Darin on Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle”

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The “everything will be all right” message of Jimmy Eat World’s anthem is timeless — which makes it a perfect fit for a time-warping PMJ rendition! We drop American Idol Alum Blake Lewis into the middle of the ride for our version, so take some time to check it out:

Click Here To Download “The Middle” Feat. American Idol Alum Blake Lewis

Scott’s arrangement swaps out the power-pop crunch of Jimmy Eat World’s rocking guitars for the suave elegance of the classic Bobby Darin sound — “The Middle” by way of “Dream Lover!” Blake Lewis croons the song with a generous helping of Darin’s dapper suavity — a far cry from the infamous Jimmie Walker Blue, the buck-toothed redneck character that Lewis introduced on Idol.

American Idol Alum Blake Lewis

The tune’s debonair swing just may be enough to convince you that everything will, in fact, be just fine — at least for the next four minutes or so!

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American Idol Alum Blake Lewis