One-Woman Band Gunhild Carling Gets “Happy” Juggling 10 Instruments!

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Singer/bassist/trumpet player… we’ll be here all day if we keep listing everything the One-Woman Band Gunhild Carling can do!

But don’t take our word for it – the Swedish stunner sprints through a tasting menu of her talents, all within the 3 1/2-minute span of Pharrell Williams’ irrepressible earworm. Clap along here:

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You can’t help but get happy watching Gunhild’s high-wire act of a performance, impressive enough that when she claims to be a hot air balloon heading to space, you don’t doubt it for a second!

Ok, take a deep breath and we’ll run through the list: singing, trumpet, upright bass (all three at the same, delicately balanced, time), a cleverly concealed harmonica, trombone, tap dance, flute, bagpipes – and THREE TRUMPETS AT ONCE! Gunhild caps things off by taking Scott’s place at the piano, all without breaking a sweat.

  • Shaun

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