Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” On Stage With Olivia Kuper Harris, Sara Niemietz and Vonzell Solomon!

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Now tell us: do you wanna love PMJ forever or are you just havin’ fun? Either way, you’ll straight up love this week’s video! Three of our favorite singers – Vonzell Solomon, Sara Niemietz and #PMJSearch 2017 winner Olivia Kuper Harris – make beautiful music together on this cover of Paula Abdul’s Straight Up!

PMJ tour music director Jesse Elder is at the piano, adapting Scott’s arrangement for this stellar vocal trio. As an added bonus, there’s tap dancer Anissa Lee adding her fleet-footed punctuation at stage left.

Click Here To Download our cover of Paula Abdul’s Straight Up

Of course, we never tackle any song straight up, so our version comes with a vintage jazz twist. It’s like getting caught in a hit and run of ‘20s swing, ‘80s pop, and Andrews Sisters harmonies!

The performance was shot on stage at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall in Troy, NY, offering a taste of what you can expect when you come to see PMJ live!
Of course, this was recorded a few hours before the VERY sold-out crowd poured into the room and really made it a party, so you’ll just have to imagine how much more fun the real thing is!


 cover of Paula Abdul’s Straight Up


For now, it’s just the thing to put you in the mood for this weekend’s return of American Idol – as you probably know, Vonzell was a contestant on the original show back when Paula was one of the judges!


Come see us at a show near you this year and enjoy the PMJ experience LIVE.

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cover of Paula Abdul’s Straight Up